Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong has urged Deepak Jaikishan to lodge a police report if the latter felt that he was being impersonated.

The MCA president said he had received two phone calls from the individual claiming to be “Deepak” of J&E Advanced Tech Sdn Bhd on March 13, lasting 33 seconds and seven minutes long, respectively.

“That call to me by the individual calling himself Deepak was made at 9.51am on March 13, 2023, which lasted 33 seconds before the call was dropped due to weak signal.

“A second call then rang on my phone at 9.52am which lasted seven minutes.

“If Deepak Jaikishan feels that someone had impersonated him using the name ‘Deepak’ to call me on March 13, 9.51am, he should make a police report to clear his name,” he said during a press conference at the Parliament lobby here, today.

The first call, he added, was made via the WhatsApp mobile application, while the second was via a paid mobile call.

Wee said he would cooperate with the police and provide them with any evidence he had, including screenshots of the call log of an individual named “DJT” on his phone.

He also said the caller’s profile picture also changed after he made a statement in Parliament yesterday (March 15).

“He changed his photo to the photo of Tesla (co-founder Elon Musk).

“By using the TrueCaller app, one can find an individual with the name ‘Deepak J Tekwani’ linked to the number 019-9999989.

“I will leave it to the police to investigate this matter fully, but no form of intimidation will deter me from voicing matters of national interest.”

In Dewan Rakyat yesterday, Wee (Barisan Nasional-Ayer Hitam) spoke out against a threat levelled at him following his statement on the import of eggs from India made last month.

He said he had received a call from an individual named Deepak who claimed that the company, J&E Advance Tech Sdn Bhd, had discussed with the Prime Minister’s Office for the case to be settled out of court.

The caller also told Wee to retract his statement on the issue.

Previously, Wee had brought three eggs to the August House – an egg from India, an omega egg and a local egg – to show the size differences and pricing for each egg.

He also urged the Agriculture and Food Security Ministry to focus on addressing the poor supply of domestic eggs instead of importing eggs from India and other countries to address domestic needs.

The following week, he received a lawyer’s letter from the importers of eggs from India for raising the issue.

Meanwhile, Agriculture and Food Security Minister Datuk Seri Mohamad Sabu said the local company, J&E Advance Tech Sdn Bhd, was the only Malaysian company granted the award to import eggs from the country.

He said the government would import eggs from India until local supplies stabilise.

In a statement yesterday evening, Deepak denied ever contacting Wee, and claimed that he did not possess the latter’s phone number.

He also said he would be contacting his lawyers to take legal action against Wee’s “lies”.

Source : NST

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