The truth is slowly emerging that “Allah” in socks’ wording is an act of sabotage. Daily, more videos and commentaries are directed to a supermarket business rival, Firdaus Wong (Fei Hoong), who first discovered such socks and blasted them on social media, and they are now exposed.

Several TikTok videos clearly explain the role of business rival Firdaus and question his intent in exposing the “Allah” socks.

Nevertheless, KK Mart owners have profusely apologised. Now, what Malaysians are asking: Will the Police call Firdaus for questioning?

So far, Police found only FIVE pairs of socks with Allah out of 18,000 pairs. One was “discovered” by Firdaus Wong, the first person to viral it.

Questions being asked are: Why would KK Mart sell five pairs of socks to offend its Muslim customers? Why would KK Mart sabotage itself?

Even lawyer and social activist Siti Kassim hit out Umno Youth chief Dr Muhamad Akmal Saleh

or peace and sanity to prevail in Malaysia, Professor Dr Mohd Tajuddin Mohd Rasdi wrote in Sin Chew newspaper’s commentary: “I think it is high time that we as a nation propose the writing of a law that makes those who call for the boycott of any legitimate business as a crime. I also think that it is high time that the Guardians of Islam in this country meet and discuss a Fatwa or a religious ruling against any Muslim who calls out campaigns for or even uses the word ‘boycott’ to destroy the livelihood of other people who are innocent of any crime or taking a side to an issue.

“In the latest incident, UMNO Youth, with its usual senseless antics and even incompetent leadership, has threatened a boycott of a legitimate business in Malaysia with 5,500 Malaysian workers over a simple mistake of displaying a stocking that has the name Allah on it. To me, there is no issue whatsoever to get excited about, as any legal accusation of the store ‘insulting’ Islam cannot be proven at all.

“Firstly, did the store specifically order a bunch of stockings with the name Allah written on them? I do not think so. Second question: Is any ruling or fashion statement accepted in Malaysia that says the name of God cannot be inscribed on a shirt, underwear, or footwear?

“Fourthly, does the name Allah stipulated in the stocking signify a reference to the Allah of Islam or Allah of the Arab Christians and Arab Jews? Fifth, did the store purposely make commercials encouraging people to insult Islam by wearing the name of God on their feet? I am not a lawyer, but these questions and arguments would be my defence, and I know that I can win hands down,” said Professor Tajuddin.

Sadly, Umno youth has used religion to mesmerise Muslims to gain popularity. Before this incident, boycotts against McDonald’s and Starbucks hurt the economies of the thousands of Muslim workers who lost their jobs.

Professor Tajuddin humbly pleaded: “I call upon the Guardians of Religion of Islam to instruct the writers of sermons and the speakers and teachers in mosques to proclaim the great sin of calling out a callous and careless boycott of legitimate business that has thousands of innocent workers of all races and faiths in this country. The sin of calling such a boycott should be seen as greater or equal to drinking alcohol or even eating haram food. The Prophet once said that backbiting is like eating the flesh of a dead Muslim.”

Let us end any calls for boycotts by politicians, individuals or social media influencers for any reason. Meanwhile, Umno Youth has been using racial issues repeatedly. First, it was Chinese new villages, then bak kut teh and socks.

Source : newswav

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