Forwarding as received. I don’t know who wrote this long and brilliant piece but it hits the nail on the head.

If I am the Prime Minister of Malaysia, I’d feel ashamed.

In this country, the Malays have it all.

The bulk exporters are Malays, the wholesalers of sugar and rice are Malays, there are many Malays in international trading companies, the petrol company President/PETRONAS station operators are all Malays, the highway operators are Malays, the bread and oil flour operators are Malays, almost all the importers are Malays, and the owners AP are All Malays.

Wholesalers and importers of vegetables, food, oil and vinegar are Malays, the vast majority of those with shallow/deep sea fishing licences are Malays, the owners of the largest square metres of rice paddies are Malays, transport and long-distance excursion buses are Malays, water, electricity and gas suppliers are all Malays. And, while professing to be Muslim, even the directors of casinos/gaming companies are Malays. What level of hypocrisy.

With the exception of the coffin, toddy, car workshops and pig related industries, almost all others are 100 percent controlled and occupied by the Malays. If I were prime minister, I would be extremely ashamed and self-conscious. The 2022 budget allocates 97% of funds to the Malay people, and only 3% for other talents. The people are already protesting, especially the Chinese, and they are furious!

The management of the country’s largest higher education practice programme, Mara, is Malay, the management of the Pilgrimage Foundation is Malay, the malays are in charge of the provident fund, the Malays are really in charge of the MCA, the country’s largest bank is Malay, the train LRT operator is Malay, the owner of mining and manufacturing plants is Malay, and many factories and engineering contractors are Malays.

They are everywhere, occupying all the political and economic fields, what else do the Malays want? Why not, for a change, develop the economy well, unite the people, bring the country into a positive track, and be a good leader? And in the past 50 years, the New Economic Policy has moulded the Malays into first-class crutched citizens, and indeed it has reached the level of ludicrousity. Why do you still need to look up to the Chinese and other ethnic groups, Prime Minister?

Repeating the same mistakes, not using means to divide the people? Is this what the government wants to see? As the largest ethnic group in the country, after independence, it has deprived the economic, political, cultural, and religious ownership positions, and the government has been cultivating the Malays without doubt, sleeping and forgetting to eat, and meticulously cultivating the Malays for 50 years, but it is still unable to meet, refuses to treat all ethnic groups fairly, and continues to hold power and deceive the law, resulting in corrupt officials and corrupt officials who corrupt all.

For 64 years, the people are yearning, and the government is deceiving itself and fooling the people. Now it is not a question of the Malays, the Chinese, the Indians or the other 30 nationalities, it has come to the moment of national reflection, it is the problem of Malaysia, the problem of the Malaysians, the people yearn for a new Malaysian spirit. Don’t blame the other ethnic groups, it is actually the Malays in power who are deceiving the Malays.

If I were prime minister, I would be extremely ashamed and self-conscious.

The monarch of the country is Malay, the Prime Minister is Malay, most Ministers are Malay, and the heads of government agencies are all Malays. The concept of political governance has derailed, the name of the country has been markedly evil, and the spirit of the Malays has been used to blind the eyes of the Malay and hinder the development of the country.

The Malays are falsely rallied in the name of justice, protecting privileges, ethnic status, religion, and imperial power from exploitation and abolition. But the whole country is Malay in power; the deputy is Malay, the chief police officer is Malay, the chief of the army, navy and air force is Malay, the president of the Bank Negara is Malay, except for Penang, all ministers and state chiefs are Malays, the finance minister is Malay, 3/4 of the MPs are Malays, the district/city officials are Malays, and the civil servants are 97% Malays.

Malay supremacy is a racist creed that the Malays are the masters of Malaysia, and that the Chinese and Indians constitute ethnic minorities, which provide for the treatment of the Malays by recognizing Article 153 of the Constitution. Of the 32.17 million people, 69% are indigenous Malays and Ibans and Kadazan, 21% Are Chinese and 7% are Indian.

The Malaysian Constitution contains a number of provisions providing for Malay privileges that state that the special status of the Malays and the indigenous peoples of Sabah and Sarawak must be guaranteed. This provision has over the years been contrived, cajoled and downright manipulated to include dominance in Public services, scholarships or grants, and educational or training privileges and almost in every sphere of life in Malaysia.

Any permit or business licence must be reserved for a certain share to malays and aborigines; unreasonable places for Malays and aborigines for further study in Malaysian universities or educational institutions; Islam as the state religion; control or restriction on the propagation of any other religious doctrine or belief to Islamists; continued retention of Malay reservations that existed before independence, which are distributed only to Malays or aborigines; the national language must be Malay, etc.

In 1970, the Government initiated the New Economic Policy to improve the economic status of the Malays, which referred to preferential policies for Malays and aborigines, including the need for indigenous peoples to have a 30 per cent stake in the economic sphere; Enrollment in tertiary institutions was originally 55 per cent Indigenous and 45 per cent non-Indigenous, which later became 95 Per cent native; listed companies had to sell 30 per cent of their shares to natives; through privatization schemes, bumiputra businesses were given more access to business and management opportunities; indigenous joint venture programmes were encouraged to achieve the goal of economic restructuring; the Government guaranteed that Malay students would study abroad and cultivate more Malay professionals. Instead of a general upliftment of the country, the government made this a zero sum strategy: Uplift Malay (not necessarily the other indigenous population) at the expense in non Malay. A policy that eventually leads to a lose-lose situation.

The NEP lasted for 15 years and a number of preferential policies played a role in raising the level of education and economic status of the Malays and indigenous peoples. After the expiry of the 1990 period, the Malaysian government proposed a new development policy that never stopped, but it took a total of 40 years. Since the founding of the Malaysia, Chinese are the largest income tax payers in the country, with a total of up to 80% and Indians about 10%. Because of the preferential Zakat system, even millionaire Malays pay little tax.

If I were prime minister, I would be extremely ashamed and self-conscious.

The Malays should not always seek protection so that they are unable to rely on themselves and hinder the competitiveness and sound development of the country. Many Malays, hyped up by the political sentiment of the opposition, are still desperately defending the preferential treatment and support of the nation.

The Malays had in fact monopolized all the domains and, compared to other races, they still considered themselves marginalized and the Malays as weak. This is a big lie that the government propagates. Religion is guaranteed, and Muslims pray every day, but wealth does not fall from the sky. Half a century later, having been educated into good and bad work, it is time to change course and face reality and work hard in life.

Why are you afraid of other peoples?

The answer is actually very simple, because the government has cultivated the laziness of the Malay people, waiting for the durian to fall down every day, getting it for nothing, and getting used to waiting for work. In order to achieve its ends, the government uses religion to spread racial hatred, to distort the truth, to deceive the small, to do whatever it takes, just to grasp the privileges of preferential treatment and support?

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