The whole saga of Allah socks had nothing to do with KK Mart or DS KK Chai or the socks. He was just unfortunate to be caught in a political struggle cross fire within UMNO warlords. When the issue arose, DS KK Chai immediately sprang into action to manage damage control. He thought it was a simple misunderstanding issue and will go away quickly.

However Dr Akmal saw an opportunity to ignite a fire. Many in UMNO are not happy with the unity government and Zahid. Those who oppose Zahid saw a opportunity to destabilize Zahid and ultimately Anwar. PKR and DAP saw it clearly what Akmal and those behind it are trying to do. Remember Akmal was supported by the UMNO supreme council. This looks very bad for Zahid position, as he is the DPM and President of UMNO, how is he not able to control the supreme council. Akmal was just a runner for those behind it. Instead of accepting apologies, Akmal continue to fan the fire, hoping it will create some results.

Meanwhile Anwar and Loke kept their mouths shut. DS KK Chai, being a season businessman know all the people in high places. He would have knocked on all their doors. Unfortunately they all can’t help very much because it is a political war. So later they found a solution, in order to stop Akmal from taking more advantage, the government will have to file a charge against DS KK Chai. This may sound unfair to DS KK Chai but he need to be sacrifice to gain something in return.

The idea is once the charge is filed, the matter become sub judice, and therefore the public cannot discussed it. So Akmal and his supporters has no fire to fan. Now DS KK Chai and his friend in high places probably had arranged this charge. All lawyers know this charge under S.298 of Penal code had no basis and not easy to prove beyond reasonable doubt. And no AG in his right mind will give a consent for the prosecutor to proceed such a weak case.

But the fact the prosecutor was given the consent show that there is some other reason. DS KK Chai was probably told in advance that this charge will failed but they have to do it in order to save the Unity government and DS KK Chai himself. Most probably this case will be fixed for hearing in very long time in the future, the prosecutor will present a lousy case, and ultimately the case will be dismissed with a no case to answer for the defendants.

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