What do Ali Tinju, Papagomo, Jamal Jamban and Akmal Salleh have in common? They were all UMNO racists or gangsters who would do dirty jobs tasked by their party. Their jobs were incredibly easy – holds rally or protest under the false pretence that the Malays, Muslims and Malay Rulers have lost power to the “Chinese, Christians and Communists”.

More importantly, not only they were all anti-Chinese, but were idiots who can’t do a simple job because they possessed “IQ of a carrot”. Ali Tinju (real name: Mohd Ali Baharom) was the mobster infamous for inciting gullible UMNO-Malays during the Low Yat fiasco in 2015 to seek revenge for a 22-year-old Malay youth caught stealing a handphone at the IT Mall.

He was arrested by the police before 200 people – mostly Malay gangsters sponsored by the United Malays National Organization (UMNO) – could start racial riots as Ali provoked them to attack ethnic Chinese, even though it was a clear case of theft committed by a Malay. He used racial hatred under the pretext of Malays seeking justice and uphold their dignity.

li was also known for leading a group of dubious armed forces veterans in doing “butt dances” outside the house of then Bersih 2.0 co-chair Ambiga Sreenevasan in 2012. Later, in 2015, the moron led a small protest at the Kota Raya shopping complex in Kuala Lumpur, demanding a boycott of the handphone traders in the mall, who were mainly of Chinese ethnicity, falsely claiming they were cheating customers.

Known as a staunch defender of disgraced former Prime Minister Najib Razak, who is now imprisoned for corruption, Ali abandoned UMNO after the party lost power for the first time in 60 years following Najib-led Barisan Nasional’s defeat in the 2018 General Election. He tried to join Bersatu or Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia in 2018, but was rejected. Thereafter, Ali was never seen again.

Papagomo (real name: Wan Muhammad Azri Wan Deris) was a fake news blogger who posted a photo of a bloodied victim of a robbery in Shah Alam and linked it to the 2015 Low Yat brawl. Like fellow Ali Tinju, this gangster quickly abandoned Najib after the ex-premier’s downfall, pledging his support for backdoor prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin instead.

A former UMNO Youth EXCO member, Papagomo was suspended in 2021 for 6 years for violating the party’s constitution, apparently after he instigated UMNO members to migrate to rival Perikatan Nasional coalition. He is facing criminal charges for making seditious remarks that the current Anwar government was pro-Israel and that the nation was in a “dangerous position”.

Jamal Jamban (real name: Jamal Yunos) was yet another low ranking UMNO thug, who would take his share after receiving jobs from former UMNO warlord Noh Omar, paying RM50 and a pack of chicken rice as well as a T-shirt to gullible and unemployed young Malays to take to the street. He was the leader of “Red Shirt” UMNO thugs unleashed by Najib Razak in 2015 to terrorize the streets.

At the peak of 1MDB scandal in 2015, the corrupted PM Najib paid Jamal  to intimidate Yellow Shirts peaceful demonstrators. Due to his link to UMNO, even the Royal Malaysian Police dared not touch him. It would take a foreign superpower – China Ambassador to Malaysia Dr Huang Huikang – to intervene and prevent racial riots at Chinatown, Petaling Street.

A mobster for rent, Jamal was a Form-5 dropout who used to be a burger seller and a drug-pusher at Sentul. His subsequent business ventures in restaurant (Restoran Ikan Bakar Sekinchan) and reconditioned luxury car sales (IBM Automobiles) suffered huge losses due to over-pricing. A womaniser and an arrogant thug who had offended even the underworld bosses, he carried a gun wherever he goes.

In 2017, the gangster and nine of his followers were arrested for gang robbery and trespassing at an entertainment outlet. Working hand in hand with former UMNO warlord Noh Omar, another big time gangster linked to Najib Razak, both Jamal Yunos and Noh Omar were involved not only in gangsterism but also robbing underground business such as illegal gambling.

His days of bullying Chinese, Christians and Hindus were over after Najib lost power in the 14th General Election. Without UMNO’s protection, the once untouchable was reduced to hiding in oil palm estate as the authorities were hunting him for causing a public nuisance smashing beer bottles with a sledgehammer in front of the Selangor state secretariat building and other charges related to firearms and rioting.

Today, the despicable racist and bully is facing the wrath of Karma – stage four lung cancer. His illness has returned despite battling the cancer for two years. Like Ali Tinju, Papagomo and Jamal Jamban, it’s not hard to see how UMNO Youth leader Akmal will face the same fate eventually. Akmal’s defiance in politicising and racialising the KK Mart issue has gotten not only ridiculous, but hilarious.

The stupidity of UMNO appears to have spread like Coronavirus to its supporters when a group of demonstrators – obviously hired – were supposed to protest outside a KK Super Mart convenience store, but turned up at the wrong shop. Rather than the iconic orange-colour KK supermarket, the protesters were found yelling their lungs out at green-colour 99 Speedmart.

Yes, not only UMNO-Malays are still as dumb (if not dumber) as those in the era of Ali Tinju, Papagomo and Jamal Jamban, where they did not even bother to check if they were protesting at the right shop, the morons were also colour blind. At least, Red Shirt leaders like Jamal and Ali were smart enough to dress their hired lemmings with the right colour in order not to confuse with rival Yellow Shirt.

If they can’t even boycott at the right supermarket, leading to a comical blunder that would absolutely spook foreign investors sensitive to the level of intelligence of local workers, how could majority of Malays trust UMNO again the run the country? Now, even those who had wished to join the protest bandwagon are terrified of being infected by the idiocy of Akmal’s supporters.

The whole crisis could be due to sabotage involving Islamic preacher Firdaus Wong Wai Hung, who converted to Islam in 2009 and the first person who posted and complained about the “Allah” socks being sold at 3 out of 881 KK convenience store. Apparently, his own convenience store – “MyKampung Fresh Mart” – went bust due to competition from rival KK Super Mart.

Could the controversial socks be planted by the vengeful Firdaus, which explains why there were just 5 out of 18,800 pairs of socks with “Allah” inscription in the country, which led to UMNO’s call to boycott the Chinese-owned business? Such sophisticated and complex question would most likely escape ignorant Malays like those who blindly influenced by UMNO Youth and protested at the wrong shop.

In fact, the level of stupidity of the demonstrators instigated by UMNO was so breathtaking that tonnes of Malays have distanced from them, mocking and insulting them instead. This is another reason why Malays who had abandoned UMNO in the November 2022 General Election will not return to the Malay nationalist party – no matter how much Akmal Salleh continues to play up the issue.

Besides displaying the dumbest thing the people had ever seen, Russian graduate Akmal has also received criticism from Malay business owners like Ameer Ali Mydin, the boss of Mydin supermarket chain. Ameer lectured Akmal that his call for a public boycott of KK Mart, despite the convenience store’s apology, would affect investor confidence and the livelihoods of the workers – of whom majority are Malay Muslims.

While everyone can see the stupidity of UMNO-Malay protesters, Malay businessmen can easily see the political agenda of UMNO Youth. Former Iron Lady Rafidah Aziz has also slammed trouble-maker Akmal for making a mountain out of a molehill. Lawyer and activist Siti Kasim told the racist that he does not represent the voice of the Malays in the country, reminding him that Malays aren’t naive anymore.

So, what will make the UMNO Youth stop trying to prove his racism and bullying? Perhaps he is waiting for an offer of the chairmanship at some GLCs (government linked companies), if not a minister’s portfolio. Perhaps he wants the owner of KK Super Mart to surrender 30% stake for him or UMNO parasites. That’s how Chinese businesses have been robbed over 60 years – protection from UMNO or “royalties”.

Source : Finance Twitter

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