The Chinese lady detained on arrival and being asked for 18K bribe is said to be a Press Secretary of a very powerful Politburo member (one of 7 leaders with Xi Jin Ping’s inner circle).

It’s like US White House press staff working with President Biden’s office.

It seems Beijing Govt brought this issue up and the M’sian Consulate in Guangzhao immediately notified Tiong who was Malaysia’s former Special Ambassador to China. He immediately spring into KLIA to settle this undocumented VVIP case.

Looks like Immigration officer pick on the wrong target and stung the hornets nest killing its own Rolls Royce golden bowl

The aviation industry had long been the platform this blog (originally ABITW) built its reputation. From issues relating to MAS, Khazanah Nasional, AirAsia, and Malaysia Airport to even attempts to delve into non-commercial aviation of military.

Naturally the recent happening at KLIA does not pass this blogger’s attention. It does not require much effort to know which side is probably right, which is wrong, and whose the real culprit.

Off course, knowledge of the online and social media political game helps.

The moment it is known BebasNews was the news portal breaking and viraling the KLIA incident one can sense it is political and the sleight hands of Dr Mahathir and PN camp.

MOTAC Minister, Dato Tiong King Sing stormed into KLIA to salvage a situation in which Immigration denied entry for a female tourist from China. She had not committed any past offense that placed her in the NTL (not to land) list, but was denied.

The authorities may have their reasons or excuses, depending on one’s siding for or against Immigration authorities but allegedly, an agent approached the tourist for payment of RM3,000 per person and totals up to RM18,000 for her entourage to “smoothen” her entry.

It is long known in the industry that tourists or visitors are victimised by Immigration. Those conceding to pay will be directed to queue at the infamous Lane 41 and all will be well.


According to tour operators and one disgusted tourism official, the smoothening rate for Lane 41 is about RM300 per visitor, but those on the NTL list can “bisa diatur” at the rate of RM3,000 to RM4,000 per visitor.
However, the lady tourist is no pushover and ain’t a nobody.

The media reported her as a reporter but upon undergoing the ordeal of being detained for 15 hours, she relayed back to her superior back home.

The Malaysian Consulate in Guangzhao immediately notified Tiong who was Malaysia’s former Special Ambassador to China.

Words is she is the Press Secretary to one Politburo member of the Communist Party of China. Tiong’s swift reaction proves it is possible.


The Youth Chief of UMNO, Akmal Muhammad Saleh had neither any inkling nor the common senses to appreciate the gravity of a wrongful decision to Malaysia-China relation.

Immigration can give all the excuses to put wool over the eyes of the Malaysian public and media.

One negative feedback to her superior could ruin Tiong’s years of effort to woo back Chinese tourists and Malaysia’s effort to revive its economy with trade and investment from China.

Stupidity has no cure.

Akmal’s nasty words towards Tiong initially arise out of his personal prejudice against DAP to assume Sarawakian Tiong being Chinese as DAP member.

Tiong is but an integral part of the Sarawak coalition GPS which is important to the political equation to both the Unity Government and PN.

It is high time that young politicians learn to put aside narrow partisanship to prioritise national interest and upholding the good name of the country especially during national crisis.

Corruption is endemic in Malaysia and combating it should stand above decorum for Ministers and official formalities.

There is more than midst the eye and not ruling out Khairy Jamaluddin’s compliment of Akmal and possible association with habitual party instigator, Hishamuddin Hussein as possible reasons.

Police is seldom accused as corrupt, but the public is unaware of the equally notorious, however more blatant and opaque agencies, such as Royal Customs and Immigration Department. In a research paper here, Immigration came second to PDRM.

Abuse of Little Napolean

Recently in early June, an investigtaion on 28 officers and executives of Immigration uncovered a grade 19 clerk owning luxury cars which include a Rolls Royce Phantom.

All one need to recall is the incident involving the Dato Mohd Shafiq in Abdullah, former Director General of Public Service Department and an Immigration Officer at KLIA to understand the cartel.

Upon getting scolded for ignoring service, Little Napolean of Immigration defended the officer by fabricate a lame excuse to accuse the KPPA as rude. Unfortunate for Shafiq that KSN used the opportunity for self preservation.

The same line of defense used against Minister Tiong. Swiftly done, an internal enquiry report was ready and viralled in a matter of days to cover-up the Lane 41 syndicate from blowing over.

Syndicate working within the walls of KLIA have been notoriously known by security authority and airport management executives.

Was told rabbit hole for illegal immigrants from China, Indonesia and Bangla Desh were operating in broad daylight in full view of airport executives and security.

During the first PH government, Chinese tourist in the hundreds of thousand were reported to have gonr missing.

According to local Chinese businessmen, Immigration were paid off to close one eye but unfortunately, DAP got the blame. All along Home Ministry came under the purview of Muhyiddin Yassin.

It was under Muhyiddin watch that 680 China Chinese were caught operating a scam from a building in Cyberjaya. There were 1,600 of them living in the whole condominium building with only an Italian family as the only non-Chinese.

Immigration claimed credit for the raid, but according to a source then, the illegal activities were operating under the protection of authorities.

Immigration preying on factories and commercial outfits have long been in existence and particularly rampant during the Muhyiddin’s politically motivated lockdown.

Back in the 90s, Immigration could be paid to help local businessman squeeze deals from foreigners using threat of deportation.

So the manner Immigration is reacting to Tiong’s allegation and spinning replies on sosmed are seriously suspicious.

Sabahkini2 questioned the management, KPISM and CUEPAC attempt to divert allegation of corruption as unconvincing since the rampant corruption in Immigration is an open secret.

It is glaring of Immigration intention of a rush job enquiry and Presiden of KPISM, Khairil Niza Khairuddin motivation to cover-up his colleague. It stands out like a sore thumb for Immigration not to suspend the suspected officer, Mr Y pending enquiry and investigation.

Perhaps it is beyond the Home Minister, Saifuddin Nasution knowledge, but Khairil Niza should be investigated by MACC as possible collaborator.

Calling for serious action

Since Anwar Ibrahim taken a keen interest into the matter and spotted Bangla entry without passport at KLIA, he should look into the fast track promotion of the Immigration DG from grade 48 to Jusa.

Apparently he was manouvred up by a fellow Kelantanis and late former Director in PMO’s “Research Department”.
No wonder the Immigration side of the story and the arrogant police report made against the Minister was viralled by PAS activist.

The same MO used against a whistleblower on the existence of illegal immigrants syndicate behind the dominance of foreign traders at Selayang wholesale market.

So do Tiong’s Sarawak political comrades in which East Malaysians are generally not satisfied with the porous border.

The long and short of the story, Government should get serious and take drastic action against Immigration.

Malaysia’s ESG compliance could be adversely affected and there is economic consequences for any inaction. Madani in essense is ESG.

Source : Thick Brick

Chinese Embassy: We will protect the rights of our citizens in Malaysia

The Chinese Embassy in Malaysia says it will take all efforts to ensure that the legitimate rights and interests of its citizens are protected while they are in Malaysia.

In a statement on Saturday (July 1), the embassy said it was investigating recent media reports of a Chinese citizen’s predicament at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA).

“We have noticed the news reports and are checking with all relevant parties for further information.

“The Chinese Embassy in Malaysia attaches great importance and makes every effort to protect the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens in Malaysia,” it said.

Prior to this, Tourism, Arts and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing had said he had to personally step in to help an employee of a China-based media company who was held up by Immigration officers at KLIA upon her arrival from Shenzhen on Thursday (June 29).

The woman claimed that she was denied entry by Immigration officers although her travel documents were in order.

She further alleged that she was asked to pay several thousand ringgit to be granted entry.

The woman is said to have arrived in Malaysia with her superior, a senior official of a Chinese government-owned TV station.

Tiong also said Immigration officers told him there was a language barrier and the matter was a misunderstanding between them and the Chinese woman.

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