Tun Mahathir’s former comrade Abdul Hamid has alleged that the reason behind Mahthir’s attack on Najib was because Mahathir was unable to transfer RM1. 194 Trillion of funds back to Malaysia. Abdul Hamid also allege that Najib as the Finance Minister refused to sign on the RM1.194 Trillion transfer of funds.

This revelation if true, is both shocking and explosive as it set not only one but three world records.
Firstly, the RM1.194 Trillion(USD 279 Billion) would make Mahathir the richest man in the world, where his net worth will be 3.5 times more than the 2015 Forbes Richest man in the world, Bill Gates at USD 79.2 Billion.

Secondly, the RM1.194 Trillion of funds owned by Mahathir will make him the only former premier in the world that accumulated wealth which is equal to 4.47 times of the country’s national budget. Malaysia total expenditure in budget 2016 is RM267 Billion.

Thirdly, Mahathir will also be the only former premier in the world that amass wealth that could pay off the entire national external debt in the world. Malaysia’s external currently stood at RM 740.7 Billion.

Mahathir must come clean on how he has accumulated such an astronomical amount of wealth which is 3.5 times more than Bill Gates net worth, 4.47 times of the national budget and 1.6 times of the country external debt. He must disclose his source of income and also the total amount of taxes he paid to accumulate such a huge amount of wealth.

DAP Perak has today lodge a report at MACC Ipoh against Tun Mahathir on the allegation by Abdul Hamid. I urge MACC to investigate if the RM 1.194 Trillion of funds was acquired by Mahathir illegally and take immediate action if there were any wrongdoings committed.

Source : Third Force

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