Tun Daim’s Ilham Tower was seized by MACC for investigation into corruption and money laundering. The talk is Daim refused to declare fully his assets after being given fair time with several extensions.

Under Section 32 of  the MACC Act, the refusal to cooperate is tantamount to offenses and the undeclared properties, local and abroad, could be seized.

Apparently the social media is a buzz with claims that the bulk of the RM2.7 billion property was self funded by the owner. Media reported many properties and asset will eventually be seized.

Many years ago, Daim claimed he is unperturbed by any investigations. He had undergone it under three past Prime Ministers and came out clean.

Daim side have been sending people to hint threats that he will retaliate either causing market to depress or economic sabotage or escalate his planned coup d’etat in which he is unafraid to spend.

He holds cash and financial assets, but was never interested to have a grip on the economy by holding on a long term basis of any businesses. 

Over the decades, his unscruplous dealings has built a legion of haters and an army of corporate enemies. He is not fighting just Anwar and MACC.

Nevertheless, since money and assets of Bersatu and its leaders are frozen, only Daim and Mahathir could finance any political operation to topple Anwar including bribing the much talked about 15 UMNO MPs gathered by Hishamuddin. 

Last week hints picked up on Tic Tok, in which sources claimed there could be some truth, that Mahathir could be facing a barrage of charges. A little bird claimed if it is not 200 charges, at least 20 charges were described as solid. 

This is not including his civil lawsuit against Anwar but the preparation for the lawsuit may have open more leads for investigations.

Talk is he and Muhyiddin will be sued for cancelling the HSR that resulted in Malaysia having to pay Singapore penalty of RM350 million. 

The Sultan of Johor is still not over losing Pulau Batu Putih, constitutional amendments taking away the power of Sultans, and Mahathir’s insults on Forest City project in Johor Baru

It certainly could be the Last Christmas for the dynamic duo Mahathir and Daim before they emulate Najib as a regular attendee as OKT in court.

Throughout the 90s the duo ran rampage on the Malaysian economy to squnder and embezzle every possible opportunity.

Their modus operandi was to seize every major initiatives at all levels using proxies, fund it using public funds/banks under their control, vehicle to profit using the stock market, and cashout by dumping back to public funds and newly instituted ones like Khazanah Nasional.

Mahathir’s Last Strategy Before Facing Court Case 

December 11, 2023


Dr Mahathir is moving all political steps towards the country’s political instability.

This is what is happening.

Whatever issue is played by the opposition or opposition social media activists at this time is a blueprint compiled by Dr Mahathir as the main mastermind.

Dr Mahathir knows that in January 2024 there will be a transition of power in the Istana Negara.

 Dr Mahathir is quite frightened by this transfer of power.

Book meets section.

Dr Mahathir had to make every effort to have a shift in political power at the Putrajaya level.

What is Dr Mahathir doing behind the scenes?

After Dr Mahathir received support from the main leaders of PAS and PPBM, Dr Mahathir revived the 1998 defamation script to make the country’s political instability agenda a success.

Starting with the announcement that Dr Samsuri can become prime minister before GE 16 in the Kemaman by-election campaign.

This is not just talk.

It was the beginning of an all-out attack on the Unity Government and it had been so meticulously planned.

Mahathir is Attacking From Various Angles

Dr Mahathir has also held a series of meetings with opposition social media activists who will launch a nerve attack.

At the same time, Dr Mahathir sent Khairudin to meet with some key UMNO leaders such as Isham Jalil.

Recently PAS President Hadi Awang issued a statement trying to equate the Unity Government with Israel.

This is all part of a planned attack.

The day before Muhyiddin made a proposal for UMNO to reassess the position of cooperation with Pakatan Harapan.

Followed by Isham Jalil’s statement that he wants UMNO out of the Unity Government coalition.

Papagomo continues to play the 3R issue on the Tiktok platform and social media.

Trying to inflame the spirit of racism, radical religious extremists by trying to link the palace.

Papagomo’s main task is to constantly play conspiracy theories by burning enthusiasm to sow extremist and radical values ​​among young voters.

It is best to prosecute these extremists under the Sedition Act and the Communications Act.

That is the best way to maintain public order.

Parpukari Cili Kasi Taruk Salim was tasked by Dr Mahathir to replay the sodomy issue by repeating video material, actors who had been involved.

We are not surprised why many videos related to sex defamation have started playing on social media belonging to opposition accounts.

Undeniably, he is a die-hard fan of Dr Mahathir.

This started with Chegubard’s attack trying to link the CIA and IMF issues.

Even Chegubard has also issued a fatwa that PMX is the Dajjal.

Ongoing Attack Plot.

This is a summary of the political plot that is happening during and after the Kemaman by-election:

  • Chegubard – CIA, IMF and Dajjal issue.
  • Papagomo – 3R issue trying to link Istana.
  • Parpukari Salim – sex defamation issue.
  • Bersatu PPBM President, Muhyiddin Yassin – wants UMNO to withdraw from cooperation with PH – DAP.
  • PAS President Hadi Awang – The Unity Government is not only liberal but is similar to Israel. 

The same slanderous script that has been repeated since 1998.

The propaganda of extremism and radical religious extremists, such a terrible race is being played after the Kemaman by-election to change the prime minister under any circumstances.

The end justifies the means.

Who is the mastermind behind this political movement?

None other than Dr Mahathir.

So what action from the government?

Want to let this extremist faction continue to play all these issues again?

The Unity Government has done so much for this tribe that they dare to act out of bounds.

Will the government continue to leave them alone with their hard line?

Or need to act hard for the greater good of the country.

This is no longer a political consideration, but rather a decision in the interest of the country.

_# Mahathir’s Last Strategy Before Facing Court Case_

These are still the visible moves. 

Behind the scene, the two met several rulers for support but it is apparent from statements and reports by media that few rulers insisted on giving Anwar a chance.

The Sultan of Johor and the upcoming Agong is insistent on the corrupt irrespective of whether they are a 100 year old or Tan Sris and Tuns be dealt with.

They been approaching Sabah and Sarawak. However, they were not successful with Sabah due to the Muhyiddin’s arrogant past handling of GRS leaders. 

Abang Jo has given another assurance before Christmas that Sarawak is uninterested to be part of a political game of hacking at the roof. 

A podcaat claimed that PN offer of RM600 million to Sarawak.is paltry to the RM10 billion PMX is willing to spend to uplift Sarawak.

Now that the 6 state elections is over and new cabinet put together to focus on the economy, peoples’ well being and reforms is in place, the game is on.

Hadi tasting blood with his former political secretary been talked about as PM in waiting. He has thrown the gauntlet to reject the ummah unity initiative by Qatar based Ikhwanul Muslimin to patch up their two Ikhwan brothers Anwar and Hadi.

As far as Zahid-led UMNO, they will not return to another alliance with PAS as long as Hadi is leading. It works the same with PAS as long as Zahid is still UMNO President.

PAS can dream on with their green wave. 

Without Sabah and Sarawak, in which the delineation exercise will see them holding one third of Parliamentary seats, it will not happen with only Malay votes.

The major carving of new seats for Sabah and Sarawak is in accordance to the Malaysia Agreement 1963 that was endorsed in a  unanimous constitutional amendment of 2022. 

Just like they only realised the lòophole in the party hopping law went against them, PN realised this mistake and druming up 3R fear as though the on-going study for delienation exercise will favour heavily on DAP. 

UMNO not that stupid to not take care of its own interest. They are adamant to not support wasteful local council election. Unfortunately UMNO seemed heedless without a plan or strategy in progress to win back their receding Malay support and restless members. 

They do not have the means to go solo and yet in-denial to accept that their past glory cannot be repeated even if Najib is released and Zahid return the leadership back to him.

Source : Thick Brick Blogspot

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