The police investigated two-time former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad after a video of him saying he has no respect for the Malay rulers went viral

In the three-minute-and-27-second video, Mahathir said the Malays cannot rely on the Malay rulers to protect them.

“You expect the rajas to protect the Malays? No way. They don’t realise what they are doing (selling land) which could lead them to lose their royal status. But, before that happens, they enjoy,” he said, referring to the Malay rulers selling land to Chinese businesspeople at prices higher than the Malays could afford.

“Malay dignitaries used to gamble with the Chinese. They were happy with the Chinese […] because this was their bribe. This was their upfront money.

“So, don’t expect your rajas to protect you. Please remember,” the 97-year-old said, to the sound of a few individuals clapping.

“I have no respect for them (Malay rulers),” said the nonagenarian, who recently teamed up with Bersatu for his ‘Malay Proclamation’ movement that aims to unite the Malays and safeguard their interests

Mahathir also added that the rajas “surrendered and signed their states away” during the British colonial times to remain in power and keep their ‘raja’ titles.

Saya pun, tun. Saya tak ada respect… (Me too, Mahathir. I have no respect for…),” an audience member can be heard saying in the video.

It is understood that Mahathir was speaking at a private function with no microphones from the media on the table.

The audience can be heard clapping and cheering to his statements that are allegedly disparaging toward the royal institution throughout the video.

After the video surfaced, the police investigated Mahathir’s statements under Section 124B of the Penal Code for “committing an activity detrimental to parliamentary democracy”

Free Malaysia Today reported that he was also being investigated over the ‘Malay Proclamation’ movement.

The police wrapped up the investigation paper on 3 June, and the case was referred to the Attorney-General’s Chambers for further action yesterday, 6 June.

Despite being probed, Mahathir defended that his statements were merely stories about the old Malay rulers and not the current royal institution.

“I was speaking about the Malay rulers, how they collected taxes during those days when they did not have income, and I relate to what happened in Johor.

“This is a fact, and everybody knows this. Everybody knows that he (a ruler) sold a piece of land for RM4 billion. Am I not allowed to speak about this?

“And I have met with the Chinese who bought that land, the person was boasting how he acquired the land for RM4 billion, and it now belongs to him forever,” Malaysiakini quoted him as saying.

He said his statements were common knowledge, before asking, “Can’t I talk about it?” 

Source : SAYS

Prove me wrong, says Dr M over royalty remarks

Dr Mahathir Mohamad said sending police to question him over his remarks “is a form of threat”.

Former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad has challenged the authorities to prove that a recent statement he made involving the Malay rulers was incorrect.

Failure to do so would mean that his recent questioning by police was a form of intimidation, he said.

“If what I say is wrong, prove it. If not, sending the police to question me is a form of threat,” he said in a Facebook post.

Mahathir was recently investigated by police after it was alleged that he had insulted the royalty when he said Malays could not rely on the rulers to protect them.

Police said last week that they were in the process of referring the investigation paper to the Attorney-General’s Chambers.

In his posting today, Mahathir said he would answer questions he declined to respond to during interrogation if he was “charged in open court”.

He questioned the reform agenda of the unity government led by Anwar Ibrahim, saying: “I must admit that I felt my freedom of speech is not part of the reforms promised.”

Mahathir also claimed that preventing Malays from speaking about “their problems” was a racist move.

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