I am Ina, the daughter of Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Shamsuddin, Senior Private Secretary, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, from 1981 until his retirement in 2000. As a Senior Private Secretary, my father knew many things during this is hidden from the knowledge of all Malaysians especially Sabahans.

I am just sharing the facts that my father told me before he died due to the disease that my father suffered from for many years. Beginning with the political crisis that hit Sabah in 1994, during which the Sabah State Assembly Elections were held. The victory favored PBS with a slim majority, and Mahathir ordered Anwar Ibrahim (then Minister of Finance) to approve the release of public funds for the purpose of buying several PBS assemblymen to jump the party.

But Anwar firmly rejected the proposal because it was unethical and would damage Sabah’s socio-politics endlessly. The tension between Anwar and Tun Dr Mahatir began. Mahatir sidelined Anwar in his unethical plan to seize the government of Sabah from PBS. In order to get funds to buy the PBS assemblyman who is ready to jump, Tun Dr Mahatir Mohamed directed Muhyiddin Yassin to take out a personal loan from the Petronas company with Mahatir as guarantor. Anwar could not stop this fund loan deal because he was outside his duties as Minister of Finance.

After receiving sufficient funds, Tun Dr Mahatir ordered Muhyiddin Yassin to go to Sabah for the purpose of bribing the PBS assemblyman who was ready to jump the party. Coincidentally, Muhyiddin Yassin is Anwar’s representative in any official assignment. That is why the people of Sabah to this day still think that bribing the PBS assemblyman to defect was Anwar’s plan. While the reality is that Anwar was not involved at all.

The Federal Government is aware that the Government formed through an unethical coup will surely fall, to avoid this happening, Tun Dr Mahatir planned a step called "Fix Deposit Sabah". How to register as many foreign immigrants as possible to be given a Sabah identity card. Tun Dr Mahathir entrusted this task to Datuk Sanusi Jonid. Tun Dr Mahathir is aware that public funds are difficult to obtain to fund this dirty work because the Minister of Finance cannot tolerate work that is not beneficial and damages community institutions, especially in Sabah.

Therefore Tun Dr Mahahtir directed Sanusi Jonid to make personal loans to Malaysian companies that were viable at the time such as Khazanah, Perwaja and MAS. These companies have no problem approving loans if the guarantor is the Prime Minister himself. After getting the funds for the dirty work, Sanusi Jonid went to Sabah to meet with some people to do the dirty work. Seeing such aggressive work, his father can expect around a million foreign immigrants to be given Sabah Identification Cards. Those who get this identification card are categorized as having dual citizenship. Citizens of Sabah and at the same time citizens of the country where they come from.

This dual-citizenship status is beneficial to foreigners because privileges are obtained either in Sabah or in their country of origin. This includes job opportunities, business and land ownership where they set up a home. The most significant effect of Malaysia is the leakage of money to foreign countries amounting to RM7.5 billion a year when these foreign immigrants with Sabah ID cards bring a certain amount of Malaysian money back to their country of origin. This problem is the main contributor to the depreciation of the Malaysian currency.

As time passed, the Sabahans who conspired to give identity cards to foreigners began to realize the impact of their own actions when there was competition in various fields, especially business and customary land ownership rights. Even though they came forward to confess their involvement, they could not do anything because UMNO held full power in Sabah. UMNO relies heavily on foreigners with Sabah ID cards to maintain power in Sabah.

Coupled with Sabah’s own local party joining UMNO to further increase the fixed deposit which only benefits UMNO. The events of 1998 remain in my father’s memory as the most unfortunate year for geo-politics in Malaysia following the dismissal of Anwar as the most prominent Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance in the history of Malaysia. It was Anwar who named Malaysia with the nickname Asian Tiger. The reason for Anwar’s dismissal was Anwar’s refusal to follow Mahathir’s instructions to buy PBS assemblymen using public funds. The climax of the Anwar/Mahathir rivalry became more tense when Anwar refused to approve public funds to be used by Mahathir’s son Mukhriz to buy the MAS company. MAS in Anwar’s time was Malaysia’s most profitable public company.

Mahathir is looking for a way to remove Anwar from the cabinet. Tun Dr Mahathir began to hire several people to find fault with Anwar in the way of managing finances. It turns out that Anwar is clean without misusing even a penny of public funds. This angered Mahathir. Mahathir looked for other ways to get rid of Anwar. The only way through the game is moral decay. Anwar’s scandalous conspiracy with other people’s wives and sodomy cases were planned like this.

Finally, Anwar was dismissed from the Malaysian Government cabinet on the grounds of moral misconduct. Anwar’s influence and prominence scared Mahathir. Mahathir planned how to put Anwar in jail. If there is any administrative misconduct, there is no good reason because Anwar practices clean and prudent governance. The only way is to use Sharia Law. The case of sodomy is a serious offense punishable by imprisonment under the Sharia Law in Malaysia. The sodomy case conspiracy was highlighted until Anwar was found guilty and imprisoned. This relieved Tun Dr Mahathir but was very disgusting for his father. Anwar’s era as Minister of Finance ended completely in 1998.

The legacy of Anwar’s legacy as Minister of Finance achieved a huge profit in the savings of the Malaysian municipality. It is not surprising that many politicians who are close to Mahathir volunteered to be the new Minister of Finance to replace Anwar. Among them is Daim Zainudin who was finally appointed directly by Tun Dr Mahathir without going through cabinet approval. At the end of Anwar’s era, expenses exceeded uncontrollable income.

This is due to the awarding of tenders not through the correct channels but through multiple tender channels. As a result, a tender worth RM450 million initially doubled to RM900 million. There are mega projects that have been approved but failed to be implemented such as the International Airport, Pengerang Johor. Tun Dr Mahathir’s ethical principles as his father’s opinion is a double standard. This means that in the distribution of allocations, Sabah/Sarawak is required to receive a share not exceeding RM2 billion per year.

If there is a Federal leader who approves a project of more than RM2 billion a year, Tun Dr Mahathir stamps him as a traitor to the Federal mandate. Anwar was branded as a traitor to the Federal mandate when he approved the Bakun hydro project which cost more than RM2 billion. Dr Mahathir considers this project to be a wasteful project. Although Sabah/Sarawak’s allocation funds are so small, these two states continue to develop with their own funds from the logging and tourism sectors. Sabah/Sarawak must be aware throughout the 22 years Tun Dr Mahathir has been Prime Minister how much distribution of public funds has been allocated.

I am not a political analyst. I am also not obsessed with politics like your father. Although his father was Senior Private Secretary to Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, his father was never once actively involved in politics. My father’s career as a Senior Confidential Secretary is no more than a work limit that must be carried out with full trust and responsibility. I am also not a supporter of any political party. I am just like my father who is tired of the prolonged political crisis starting from the political crisis in Sabah in 1994 to the Federal political crisis of the Sheraton move.

In my opinion if Sabah votes for BN supported by UMNO it means that Sabah voters support UMNO’s agenda and continue to defend foreigners who with a Sabah identification card without having to be thoroughly screened. As long as UMNO dominates Sabah politics, the issue of giving Sabah identity cards to foreigners will not be resolved. If Sabah supports the fighting party, it means that Sabah voters willingly accept Tun Dri Mahathir’s actions and ethical principles of double standards. as well as the voters of Sarawak.

In order to change the political landscape of Malaysia for the better, the legacy of Tun Dr Mahathir’s dirty political influence must be completely eliminated in the Malaysian political scene. Only Anwar is the only one who can do it. Your father said frankly that Mahathir is the one who is ruining the political institutions in Malaysia. Personally, I call on all Malaysians especially in Sabah to give Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim a mandate by voting for Pakatan Harapan candidates wherever they run. Set aside the survival candidate of our choice to focus on repairing the damage caused by Tun Dr Mahathir’s dirty political game.

Free Malaysian politics from the influence of Mahathir’s dirty politics by giving a mandate to Dato Seri Anwar through the votes of Pakatan Harapan candidates. Foreigners with Sabah identification cards also monopolize jobs in the Peninsula such as public bus drivers, lorries and factory work. It is difficult to accept foreign immigrants with Sabah identification cards who are often involved in criminal cases at work. It is still fresh in the minds of all Malaysians about the planned bank robbery in 2014 involving the security guards of foreigners with Sabah ID cards.

A foreign immigrant security guard with a Sabah identification card with the rank of constable shot dead an Ambank officer in a cash deposit box store and ran away with RM12 million. The efficiency of the police managed to track down the criminals and recover RM8 million.

The main criminal mastermind and the remaining RM4 million have not been traced to this day. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [19/11, 00:08] Jude: Naah, one by one, the UMNO agenda policies of the Sabah footprint are coming out! Even though Mahathir is a big planner, This Malaya Agenda policy on Sabah is the policy since Tun Razak sent his great agent Syed Kechik to Sabah in 1967 to side with USNO Tun Mustapha to split KDMR, China and the Islamic land of Sabahans! Destroy the KDMR’s superior party which is UPKO – Donald Stephens, the mass conversion of KDMR people to Islam and also the Sabah flood project with foreign immigrants, especially with the MORO war refugees. in June 1976, 2 weeks after the Double Six crash!

Although Dr. Mahatir left the Umno President, this Malaya agenda policy and the Sabah oil bolot, also the 1980-2018 foreign voter project, continued by UMNO, also by PPBM PN to this day! -former Tun Mahathir’s Senior Confidential SU)*

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