There are no positive stars but with 7 negative stars.

The Triple Punishment Star (三刑)–San Xing, indicates clashes with family members. Persons under this sign need to treat those individuals with care and avoid getting involved in foolish quarrels. Remember, that you always have a choice to step away peacefully. This Earth Branch has the Hidden Corpse (伏尸) Fu Shi is also known as lying corpse. The subject is not advisable to travel a great distance or far for there may be misfortune or disaster. Illness or disease is also possible as well as accidents. Females have to be wary of encountering bad luck relating to health. Generally, it means losing your direction, or forsaking ambitions.

Sword Edge or Sword Tip (剑锋) star as some would call it when meet good stars, would have authority, boldness & braveness. When meet bad stars, would signify having to undergo surgery or enduring cuts. The sharp point of a sword can be a useful tool to cut (positive) or a punishing weapon to face (negative). It implies cuts and injuries in addition to stress and depression.

The Yellow Flag Star Huang Fan (黄幡) is a magnet for injuries and accidents thus, posing threats to your physical well-being. Take extra care when handling metal objects or when partaking in physical activities such as outdoor sports. You should try to stay away from negative or risky environments.

The Tai Sui star (太岁) is 1 year of going against the norm, swimming against the tide. When meet favorable stars would be favorable. If meet unfavorable stars, would have an obstacle-ridden path or face extreme difficulty, making unfortunate events likely. As there would be a tendency to be spending a lot, choose to spend wisely to gain knowledge & memories.

Elegant Seal star (华盖) Hua Gai is seen as a mixed nature star this year as it denotes lonesome talents and solitariness making one easily misunderstood and preferring to be alone and isolated. However, within isolation, great ideas can be conceived and brought to life.

The Swallow Trap star (吞陷) – Tun Xian, forewarns that one should be careful with his money and be cautious when it comes to lending and borrowing it. He is strongly advised to manage his finances well and be very cautious when making large significant transactions and to avoid large risky investments.


There are 2 positive stars and 5 negative stars.

Sky Happiness – Tian Xi (天喜) is the star of relationship proper, meaning the subject would meet someone to develop a long-term relationship that might end up in marriage. It brings desirable long-term love relationships.

The other positive star is Tai Yang (太阳) The Tai Yang is the Sun. It is the brightest in light. All is smooth is well. Nobleman is there to assist. The subject is supported, promoted or sponsored by Nobleman. With the Tai Yang, several negative stars’ effects can be offset. Some call it the Ip-Man (叶问) star for its ability to “fight” the “bad guys”. Therefore, it’s about being a saviour and helping others solve their problems and uplifting oneself at the same time.

The Lonesome star (孤辰) – Gu Chen denotes uneasiness,not peaceful relationship with spouse or strains with spouse. It also means loneliness and bad moods. The subject should get some fresh air more often to feel less depressed.’ Liu Xia (流霞) indicates bodily harm and injury for women. For men, it is more of likelihood to over-indulge in wine and entertainment neglecting life’s important matters. This is akin to losing focus, so to speak.

The Sky Emptiness Star – Tian Kong (天空) causes feelings of loneliness and isolated in the subject’s social sphere, causing them some emotional turbulence. With the shrouding negativity of the star, it is also likely that they may experience some form of financial loss this year.

The Robbery Sha– Jie Sha (劫煞) causes the subject to be robbed of wealth and does not meet much returns in his path. On both ways, it is a loss of monies or wealth. The subject would lose money because of friends. Advisable to not lend too much money to anyone, bad debts are likely. Unexpected financial loss may happen out of the blue.

Unlucky Qi (晦气) – Hui Qi star brings forth feeling of helplessness, lame and stagnant sluggishness feelings makes things not smooth. This means bad moods and the feeling that others always get the best part of everything. It can also mean that projects or negotiations with clients would be messed up last-minute right before you close the deal because someone else intercepts and take it away from you. Usually indicative of frustrations and last minute spanner thrown into the works.


There are 3 favorable stars and 7 negative stars.

The Relief God – Jie Shen (解神) has the ability to smooth over difficult events and turn negatives ones into positive outcomes. Conflicts would be resolved and you have what it takes to overcome any obstacle that comes across your path be it financial, relationship or health issues.

The same goes for the Sky Relief star (天解) Tian Jie which is also with this animal sign this year.

The Eight Seats star (八座) Ba Zuo is of Imperial Examination success, fame and rise to authority (官). Do favourably in exams. It indicates enhanced or elevated social status. Would enjoy better social status and have good luck of recognition and fame. In today’s world, it would be about gaining fame, popularity and succeeding as an Influencer, perhaps.

There is Di Sang (地丧) – Earth Funeral and Funeral Door (丧门) – Sang Men which denote the native would encounter funerals or death events (or mourning for elders). Affliction by these 2 stars is indicative of death of a closed one, to wear funeral clothes somewhat. The subject is advised against visiting hospitalized friends and relatives and also attending too many funerals. The one should pay attention to the health condition of the elderly at home.

The Instability Star (浮沉) Fou Chen, causes the subject’s mood or state of mind to be uneasy and restless. All matters are unstable, shaky. It’s a burdensome, toiling, void, collapsing and ruining star. This sha means going back and forth, slowing down progress and making luck unstable. It literally means “floating and sinking”. It adds to insecurity and uncertainty to the subject’s luck.

Goat Blade (羊刃) – Yang Ren causes the subject’s character to be stubborn, irritable and impatient. It also brings about bad moods and short tempers. Prone to cuts caused by sharp edges.

Blood Knife (血刃) – Xue Dao denotes the subject would encounter blood related accidents or mishaps. It may also surgery, operation or frequent visits to the hospital. It means cuts and wounds on the subject’s limbs. Need to watch out for traffic to avoid car accidents. It is the unlucky star of injury.

The Flying Lian (飞廉) – Fei Lian star indicates bad luck, accidents or misfortune flying into the subject’s path. It could mean being hit by falling objects. The Great Sha star (大煞) Da Sha denotes that one has to be conservative in spending and to avoid gambling excessively. Poor choices could lead to loss of revenue and higher expenditure.


There is 1 favourable star and 6 negative stars.

The sole favourable star is Tai Yin (太阴) being the Moon Star, is a Nobleman star. Veering towards females and also known as the mother star, the subject can get help from powerful female figures. Entrepreneur -ship opportunities would be available for you to take action upon.

For Imprisonment Jail (囚狱–Qiu Yu, the subject may suffer fines, punishment or imprisonment (jailed). This is also in addition to feeling trapped body and mind-wise, being unable to achieve any break-through. Represents lawsuits and disputes. From a modern viewpoint, it also covers any activity that involves lawyers or the govt or authorities.

The Sui Sha (岁煞) indicates turbulence and upheavals lead to breakage, damage, wastage and losses. Plans would fail. People matters would be uneasy. To alleviate, one needs to execute plans to purchase big some big ticket items which were on the afterburner.

The Hook Spirit star (勾神) – Gou Shen, causes upsets to work and relationships. Make sure you communicate clearly and avoid using harsh or hurtful words. To mitigate, work slowly and steadily by putting things clearly documented to overcome mis-communication & unpredictable nature of others.

The Piercing Rope star (贯索) – Guan Suo, causes one to be overly aggressive and forceful in pursuit of wealth, leading to gossips and arguments with those around him, negative rumours included.

For Heaven/Sky Sha (天煞) – Tian Sha, the subject counters father or senior family members. One should not perceive this as too much of a problem because the star signifies that one should be always open to changes in favour of new options.

The Great Assembly star (卒暴) – Sui Bao, signifies that one should not take unnecessary risk with regards to own health and well-being. Do drive carefully and do visit the doctor if anything seems amiss.


There is 1 favourable star and 7 negative stars. The San Tai(三台)or Three Stages star is of Imperial Examination success, fame and rise to authority (官). This star opens doors for career and wealth endeavors.

Poke Back (指背) – Zhi Bei, means the subject faces slander, defamation & becomes a victim of others’ rumor-mongering and gossips. Once his back is turned, the others would disappoint him. People talking behind your back, backstabbing you is something you may face this year.

The Year Charm (年苻) – Nian Fu and Five Ghosts (五鬼) means the subject has to be vary of annoyance from petty people and even suffer loss of wealth from gossips and arguments. The subject could be hurt, encumbered and burdened by actions of the petty people (小人).

Officer Charm (官符) – Guan Fu star points to some legal complications. One needs to be extra sharp when signing documents and contracts to avoid being caught up in an in-escapable disadvantageous deal.

The Flying Charm star (飞符) – Fei Fu connotes being restrained, restricted or held hostage by thugs or brigands. The individual would have problems with documentation and personal effects or would be careless in handling them. He is also likely to face fines, penalties and forfeiture, taxes and duties. Also means unexpected lawsuits, arguments and gossips.

The Earth Killing Sha (地煞) – Di Sha, denotes problems and setbacks derailing one’s plans. There would hiccups and obstacles along the work-related projects and plans.

For Drape Fibre/Sesame (披麻) – Pi Ma, the subject may be plaqued by worrying, hurting or painful, mournful incident. It also signifies unrest, unease in the family or loss (death) of close friends. Literally means “putting on mourning outfit” for elderly family members. But it doesn’t mean there must be mournful events. Just need to be more alert and sensitive this year.


There are 3 favourable stars and 4 negative stars.

Di Jie (地解) can dissipate negative energy into good (Nobleman). It can suppress numerous types of negative energies. It can also handle adverse luck i.e. can逢凶化吉turning them positive.

The Monthly Virtue Star – Yue De (月德) indicates support and assistance from Noble People. It brings about new relationships with are helpful and supportive. Try to meet like-minded people who could offer insights on improving career, business and wealth. It also bears the positive effects of mitigating the inauspiciousness of the year to bring about good outcomes.

Sui He (歲合) is present in this Palace. It means chart’s Year branch has hidden combination with Annual Pillar. One can make a lot of friends and contacts. A partnership with good parties would bring good tidings. Association and partnerships with bad parties would bring misfortune and problems. If it’s a favorable combination with the Annual Pillar branch, it would bring powerful people to help you. The subject would find things more stable and go more smoothly when encountering this favorable star.

The Lesser Consumer Star (小耗) Xiao Hao, indicates possibility of financial losses arising from cheated or taken for a ride or simply extravagant spending. This implies that your lack control in your own area finances. As such, you will need to be more aware of your money matters and stick closely to your own set budgets.

The Death Charm star – Si Fu (死符) is a reminder to not neglect those that have been in your life for a long time that you may take them for granted. This is especially so for the male elders in the family. The Year Sha Star (年煞) Nian Sha indicates that you may be involved in some quarrels. It denotes that you will need to be sensible and grounded in order to deal with difficult situations.

Salty Pool (咸池) – Xian Chi, denotes that the subject has indirect peach blossom luck and is flamboyant. It is the star of temporary love (short-term relationships. However, Xian Chi only gives you temporary love luck with possibility of you flirting or others flirting with you. Such relationships tend not to last. Generally, it brings short term encounters.


There is 1 favourable star while there are 5 negative stars. Month Void (月空) aka Yue Kong functions to reduce the auspiciousness or inauspiciousness of the chart by half like a Death & Emptiness branch. It reduces fortune as well as reduces misfortune.

Da Hao (大耗) – Great Consumer star, implies that the subject’s wealth is wasted and lost. Its effect is bigger and worse than Xiao Hao (Lesser Consumer Star). It is the star of major financial loss.

Lan Gan (兰干) is the star of hindrance and obstructive (blocking). It indicates troubles brought upon by gossips and legal disputes or imprisonment, trapped feeling woes. To alleviate, position yourself to move away from an overly negative mindset.

Leopard Tail (豹尾) – Bao Wei star causes the individual’s mood and spirit to be absent minded (blur) and uneasy, troubled and disturbed. There is a possibility of losing money or valuables due to carelessness.

Year Breaker (岁破) – Sui Po indicates turbulence and upheavals lead to breakage, damage, wastage and losses. Plans would fail. People matters would be uneasy. To alleviate, one needs to execute plans to purchase big some big ticket items which were on the afterburner.

The Month Sha (月煞) – Yue Sha, causes extra and excessive worrying. The subject counters mother or senior family members. This is related to the Bazi month pillar which signifies someone older than the natal chart owner.


There are 3 favourable stars while there are 3 negative stars.

Under the influence of the Red Phoenix star (红鸾) – Hong Luan, the subject has happy marriage luck and there is celebration this year. In middle age, there are happy events after happy events. It brings excellent love luck and also enhances interpersonal relationship which indirectly helps career luck. It is the most powerful star of relationship for both romantic relationship and general interpersonal relationship.

The Dragon Virtue star (龙德) Long De, since it is residing in the same domain as Emperor Star, the subject would attain power, authority and status. Can resolve dangerous situations and turn things around.

Emperor Star (紫微) Zi Wei, has “Meet unfortunate, dissipate into good” qualities. This Nobleman star can suppress numerous types of negatives. One can expect to have some abundance in wealth inflows and be honourable this year.

The Officer Charm (官符)–Guan Fu star points to some legal complications. One needs to be extra sharp when signing documents and contracts to avoid being caught up in an in-escapable disadvantageous deal.

Death God (亡神) – Wang Shen is an annoying star. He is also likely to lose some personal belongings, such as wallet, passport, mobile phone or keys (some personal property).

The Dark Sky Star (天厄) – Tian E star indicates the subject via non-human means (i.e. Spirits), directly or indirectly induces or causes calamity, misfortune or unfortunate events.

Brutal Defeat (暴败) star, Bao Pai denotes that the subject would go through a perverse, unreasonable and outrageous spell leading to destruction and failure.


There are 2 favourable stars while there are 4 negative stars.

The General Star (将星)–Jiang Xing denotes the subject having some form of authority and status or power if join bodies of authorities. Athlete or movement related sports alike. It is a star of authority and indicates improving one’s social status.

The Golden Lock star (金匮) – Jin Gui, indicates that the subject has a good career or business. Folks born under this sign would have capacity to accumulate wealth for the year. This includes easy access to favours, borrowings and chances to increase one’s bank balance.

The Peeling Head star (披头) – Pi Tou increases the risk of a family member suffering a health condition. Therefore, do take note of anyone at home feeling less than normal. It’s a sign that one should pay more attention to and spend more time with loved ones.

For White Tiger star (白虎) Bai Hu, this star indicates that during the year, the subject should avoid travelling and movement. Accidents, spillage of blood, disease or hidden ailments might also occur.

Fei Dao (飞刃) Flying Knife star’s effect is similar to Yang Ren (Goat Blade) but less potent in nature. It makes one stubborn, irritable and impatient. It mostly affects relationships and spousal relationships.

The Sky Warrior Star (天雄) Tian Xiong, brings about communication breakdowns. Hence, you are likely to give others the wrong impression of yourself, causing misunderstandings amongst the people around you.


There are 3 favourable stars while there are 6 negative stars.

The Fortune Star (福星) Fu Xing and Fortune Virtue Star (福德) signifies fortune, prosperity and longevity. However, it cannot neutralize the negative stars but can only enhance the positive ones. Brings powerful people to your help.

The Heavenly Virtue Star (天德) Tian De would help you remove obstacles and challenges in your life by dispersing the bad energy into good energy. The presence of Noble People in your life would dissipate the surrounding negativity turning them positive. In short, someone is looking after you and they’ve got your back covered.

The Crossing Sha (绞煞) Jiao Sha and Curled Tongue Star (啳舌) Luan She are present. These 2 negative stars indicate outside interference in your interpersonal relationships with rumours and gossips.

If you are not careful, you could fall into potential legal issues and complications. The stance you should adopt is to avoid getting involved into the hearsays and gossips as it will only bring you unnecessary troubles.

The Solitary Star (寡宿) – Gua Su, harms spouse and counters children. Family relationships are not peaceful and harmonious. The family luck lacks peace and stability.

The Yin Sha (阴煞) star denotes that subject would face female backstabbers in the upcoming year. It is best to stay close to male friends and colleagues instead. Generally, it represents facing some antagonists or petty people during the year.

The Barrier (的煞) – De Sha indicates that the subject faces court cases or lawsuits, being robbed or plundered. It is also indicative of harming or countering relatives or suffering from muscle problems.

The Broken Star – Po Sui (破碎) indicates that communication breakdown that may negatively impact your reputation and image. It could also be false rumours spread by others that adversely affects your social standing.


There is 1 positive star while there are 3 negative stars.

Yi Ma (驛马) Sky Horse (天馬) which is also known as Tian Ma (天马), this star alludes to travels or ventures in foreign land or a place away from one’s home base or hometown. This could be due to a job work or assignment. It should be considered as a useful experience to further one’s career in future. Therefore, one should make the most of the available travelling opportunities and experience

The Sky Dog (天狗) – Tian Gou, is a loss and wastage star. In addition to defects, drawbacks and blemishes, it also indicates injuries, cuts and scars. There is likelihood of loss of wealth due to theft (stolen by others) or mishaps and accidents.

Sky Crying (天哭) – Tian Ku, makes one sensitive and teary-eyed, being easily affected by events around them. Their emotions would be unstable and prone to anxiety attacks and general feelings of restlessness. Females are likely to cry without any reason when Tian Ku is present in the constellation.

The Funeral Guest star (吊客) i.e. Diao Ge signifies that the subject would encounter funerals or death events (or mourning for elders). It is best not to visit the sick at hospitals.


There are no positive stars while there are 3 negative stars.

The Sickness Charm (病符) – Bing Fu, suggests that the subject has ill health. Body lacks peace or is uneasy. It marks of prevailing sickness and indicative of possible surgery and operations. It is a minor sickness star. Normally, it is not serious unless in prevailing sickness year.

The Mo Yue or Surpassing Path Star (陌越) would make one restless, worried and anxious. Therefore, being mindful of such negative thoughts is paramount to maintain one’s mental peace for the year. What one should do is to try to maintain a good balance between work and personal life to keep the worries at bay.

The Six Harms Star (六害) – Liu Hai, brings about loneliness and isolation that leads to moodiness and ill-tempers. Though one is not necessarily ostracized and cut-off per se, this star tends to nudge you into the anxiety zone, It may fester into depression as well as cause disagreements or ill wills or magnify trivial matters into something serious, more so amongst the “Six (6) Relatives”六亲.

Source : Zi Wei Bazi Feng Shui

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