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From canteen to socks: Looking for a cure or sambal belacan


Once again, some among the Muslims in Malaysia are angry. This time because KK Mart has sold socks with the word “Allah” on them. So some of those who are angry are calling for KK Mart to be ostracized even though KK Mart has apologized for this unintentional mistake. During the time of the Prophet s.a.w. there was an incident where a Bedouin entered his majesty’s mosque and urinated inside the mosque. Some of the friends who witnessed the event were angry.

However, Rasulullah s.a.w. have asked them to calm down. Instead, he asked them to bring him a container of water. Rasulullah s.a.w. then wash the place where the Bedouin peed earlier. If we want to learn from this event, what can Muslims get as a guide in dealing with this event? Rasulullah s.a.w. not hit the Bedouin who urinates in his mosque.

His Majesty did not drive him away, let alone ostracize him. On the other hand, His Majesty’s actions are like an antidote that eases the situation. Politicians take advantage However, events such as the issue of socks at KK Mart always become more murky and sensational when politicians start taking advantage. They lack ideas about the agenda they should fight for.

Their level of thinking is only limited to socks and canteens. There are many more problems that need to be overcome in this country, but these politicians are not intellectual enough to discuss them. They are not able to discuss how to make Malaysia more competitive at a time when countries like Vietnam are starting to overtake us, and Thailand and the Philippines are about to challenge us.

For these leaders who have a Malay-Muslim image, they are generally silent about the problems that plague the Malay-Muslim community. The problem of high drug addiction among the Malays, the problem of mahram incest that often occurs among the Malays, the problem of sexual crimes against children, the involvement of the Malays in corruption and the backwardness of the Malays in mastering science and technology did not get the attention of the experts. this politics. On the other hand, the issues they like to play with are flight attendant uniforms, whether bak kut teh or gulai patin tempok should be heritage food, and the opening of school canteens during Ramadan.

It is obvious that the level of thinking of these politicians is too shallow to think beyond such issues. Perhaps it would be better if these politicians, be they turbaned or swaggered, start a campaign to ostracize shops that sell cigarettes. The National Fatwa Council has decreed that smoking is haram, and the health effects of smoking are a burden to our health services. Intellectual power is not high enough However, we find that those who call themselves scholars and those who call themselves national fighters are shy to fight for such issues.

Are their intellectual powers not high enough to understand that such problems bring serious harm? Why do none of them consider the sale of cigarettes as something outrageous or insulting religious prohibitions? The tragedy experienced by Muslims in Malaysia is that some of their politicians are too superficial to lead them forward and build a more progressive community.

The level of thinking of these politicians is just the level of socks and canteens. If recently a professor was given the title “sambal belacan professor” because of the nonsense stories he often brings, it is not an exaggeration for us to conclude that some of our politicians are sambal belacan politicians because they are only good at exacerbating the situation and peddling hatred.

In dealing with issues such as socks at KK Mart, Muslims should refer to the example of Rasulullah s.a.w. and make it a standard in determining their behavior. Don’t follow the sambal belacan politicians who really don’t have thoughtful thoughts and ideas.

The writer ROZHAN OTHMAN* is a former senior partner in a management consulting firm and a former management professor at sev

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