PAS has today launched its own superapp called MyOnePas, which offers various features related to the Islamist party such as membership, donation and list of activities.

PAS secretary-general Datuk Seri Takiyuddin Hassan said besides an e-wallet, other features of the application include prayer times and qibla direction.

“This application is not only for PAS members, anyone can download and access the non-confidential information from the application,” he said during the press conference at the sidelines of its 69th “muktamar” or annual congress here.

He said one of PAS’s sources of income is through donations and that some members make monthly contributions through the app.

Adding more, he said the app offers various payment options, including a physical card that is co-branded with Mastercard as well as debit cards and e-wallet functionality.

“We collaborated with MPay and Mastercard which allows the use for both domestic and international use

“All transactions can be made through this super app, which enables members to access it via the Android platform and it can already be downloaded. The iPhone version is still in progress,” he added.

He also revealed that PAS is working towards finishing the application process and integration by November 24 of this year.

Regarding the financial restrictions, the e-wallet allows for transactions up to RM 25,000, and the MasterCard has a limit of RM 10,000, giving users a total financial flexibility of up to RM 35,000 through the app.

Notably, it also brought forth a groundbreaking feature – the e-wallet and debit/prepaid card under MasterCards.

“By downloading this application, users can conveniently apply for a debit card and top up these cards,” he said.

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