Johor Crown Prince Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim has done little to hide his distaste for Muar MP Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman in the past, but his latest post on Instagram takes the cake.

In a brief caption posted on his account late last night, Tunku Ismail suggested that the only way the Muda leader would get his attention is if he jumped off the Petronas Twin Towers without a parachute.

He was responding to a question from one of his followers on what Syed Saddiq has to do to capture his attention.

“Go jump off KLCC without a parachute,” his reply read.

The question posed to him was one of dozens that Tunku Ismail responded to on Instagram, after he conducted a question-and-answer session on his account last night.

When Syed Saddiq was hit with a lawsuit for criminal breach of trust back in July, he set up a crowdfunding initiative to help pay for the legal expenses.

While most people banded together to help the Muar MP, TMJ took the opposite route and called him a “drama queen.”

In his words, “Drama queen. I pity the rakyat who always end up being the victim of political games.

“It’s an act and it is to deceive the people, all for the sake of votes and power. You can’t trust almost all of them.”

Tunku Ismail’s remark did not go unnoticed, with Malaysians calling him out on social media, saying it was insensitive and questioning his loathing of Syed Saddiq.

Some challenged Tunku Ismail to enter the political arena and have the courage to compete against Syed Saddiq in elections.

Others pointed out that, even without jumping off KLCC, Syed Saddiq has already got the attention of the Johor crown prince, saying Muar MP is “living rent free” in the latter’s head.

There are also those who said the comment was unfair as if anyone else were to make such remarks against the royalty, they would face repercussions.

TMJ calls Syed Saddiq “fake” and a man who “lacks morals/principles”

Tunku Ismail and Syed Saddiq have not had a cordial relationship since the latter won his Muar seat in the 2018 general election.

In the past, Tunku Ismail had, on a number of occasions hit out at Syed Saddiq, including accusing him of being a “drama queen” after the former youth and sports minister started a crowdfunding campaign to help settle his legal expenses.

His remarks on Syed Saddiq last night were not the only ones that got public attention; he also posted a controversial caption saying Johor does not celebrate the country’s National Day as the state never fell under colonial rule.

“In Johor, traditionally, we only wish Independence Day out of respect. But we don’t ‘celebrate’ because in Johor’s history, we were never occupied.

“That is why in Johor, we fly three of our flags and the Jalur Gemilang only during National Day (August 31) and Malaysia Day (September 16). They will fly two weeks before and two weeks after. After that, it will return to normal, with just the Johor and the respective district flags.”

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