Untuk Malaysia says overall, the 2022 SPM results showed that 42.9% of the candidates, or 160,435 students, failed at least one subject.

Close to 90,000 candidates who sat for last year’s SPM exam failed Mathematics while over 52,000 did not pass English, according to an analysis of the results conducted by NGO Untuk Malaysia.

Of the 373,974 candidates who sat for the SPM last year, a total of 89,752 candidates (24.3%) failed Mathematics and 52,674 candidates (14.3%) did not pass English.

“This analysis was conducted based on the SPM 2022 examination results analysis report published by the Malaysian Examination Board (LPM) and the announcement of the results by the education director-general on the education ministry’s Facebook page on June 8,” Untuk Malaysia said.

It added that 113,759 candidates achieved grade A, A+ or A- in Mathematics, and 91,351 candidates achieved the same in English, which represented 30.8% and 24.8% of the total candidates, respectively.

For other core subjects, Untuk Malaysia reported that 27,621 candidates failed Science (compared with 56,624 who obtained grade A or A+ or A-); 23,358 candidates failed History (94,402 with grade A or A+ or A-); 9,642 candidates failed Bahasa Malaysia, (118,297 with grade A or A+ or A-); and 24,304 candidates failed Islamic Education (69,005 with grade A or A+ or A-).

Overall, Untuk Malaysia reported that 42.9% of the candidates, or 160,435 students, failed at least one subject.

A study by the NGO on school dropouts published in January reported that 140,474 candidates failed to obtain their SPM certificates after failing in Bahasa Melayu or History from 2019 to 2021.

The three-year data was taken from SPM results analysis prepared by the LPM, which is the main oversight body for national examinations.

Untuk Malaysia also reported that for the 2022 SPM exam, 33,906 candidates did not get their certificate as they failed the Bahasa Malaysia or History paper.

A total of 45,514 candidates did not receive their SPM certificate in 2021.

Source : FMT

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