373,974 candidates sat for the SPM in 2022. That is 100%

10,109 candidates got straights As. That is 2.7%

75,322 candidates got Gred C. That is 20.1%

128,193 candidates got Gred E. That is 34.3%

213,624 57.0%

So straight A + Gred C + Gred E = 213,624 candidates. That is 57.0%.

What happened to the remaining 160,350 or 43% of the SPM candidates?

Obviously they are not in the straight A, Gred C or Gred E category.

This means they failed. So 160,350 or 43% of SPM candidates have failed.

Now here is my question : What the hell is a Gred E? The screenshot says a Gred E means “sekurang-kurangnya gred E untuk semua matapelajaran”.

There are 128,193 or 34.3% of them who got a Gred E.

I think my wife and I have met some of these Gred E types. When they came looking for work with our company they would have to look at their ICs to correctly write down their own names in the Borang Permohonan. Tak tahu tulis nama sendiri pun. Also known as the ‘tahu bunyi, tahu warna’ category. They can differentiate sounds and colours.

If you ask me I would place the Gred Es in the “Bungkus” category.

If you add the Gred Es and the failed candidates together you get 288,543 candidates or 77.3% who are in the Bungkus category.

Senang cakap Tuan-Tuan, 288,543 penuntut atau 77.3% daripada calon SPM 2022 mendapat Gred E atau gagal peperiksaan sama sekali.

The other day the Menteri said that surveys show 50% of SPM leavers do not wish to continue their education any further.

How can the 50% hope to continue for a higher education when 77% have already failed or got only a Gred E?

The other point is can the Ministry at last reveal to the public the minimum marks necessary to pass ALL the SPM subjects?

Why are they still kept hidden from the public under the Official Secrets Act etc?

During the evil period of UMNO/BN’s pemerintahan mahazalim and mahafiraun they kept all this information hidden from the public.

But this is kerajaan Madani. Bukan kerajaan Madanun atau Majnun.
This is zaman reformasi bukan zaman reformati.
This is zaman keterbukaan bukan zaman tertutup mahazalim.
This is zaman transparency bukan zaman OSA / ISA mahafiraun.
This is zaman telanjangkan Dr Mahathir bukan zaman awak ‘bertelanjang’ lagi.
So can you please share with the rakyat what are the minimum passing marks for ALL the SPM subjects?

Is it true that the minimum passing marks for Additional Mathematics is 14%? Some suggest it is only 8%? Can the Minister please answer?

And what are the percentage marks to qualify for an A+ or an A?
10,109 candidates got straight As. Congratulations. Can we know what are the minimum marks to get As for all SPM subjects?

Or is it still a secret?

Yes we need the straight As students but more importantly to develop the economy quicker, to create a more advanced and progressive society we need larger numbers of ordinary citizens who have a higher than average level of intellectual and academic training.

If the average Malaysian citizen only has a Gred E SPM or has failed his SPM then our country, our economy, our entire society will also be at the Gred E and failed category.

These are not good examination results at all. When 77% of SPM candidates got Gred E or failed it represents a failure of our education system. Malu lah. Shame on you.

Making things worse is abolishing the UPSR exams and abolishing the PMR exams. Now for 11 years, from the age of seven until the age of 17, students do not face any public examinations to gauge how they are progressing. Then suddenly when they are 17 years old they sit for the SPM. 77% have fallen off the cliff.

This is Malaysia. This is not Finland or even Singapore. In this country the Menteri pun tak reti cakap orang putih. Belajar bawah pokok.

We still need examinations. We need more examinations to gauge and monitor how our future citizens are progressing in their academic training. We can take remedial measures much quicker. Those 77% who got Gred E or failed will not be resitting their SPM again. They are gone.

Source : Syed Outside The Box

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