Dear Mathir Mohammad,

I am not addressing you with the standard conventional protocol of respect on the exalted titles you possess or the medical title you earned. It will be defaming any royalty that bestowed such honor upon. It is also a defilement and desecration of the royal intention in awarding such titles on the conscientious presumption that you have the capacity of greatness and capability of goodness in unifying a nation with oneness of peace and harmony. As material facts have revealed over the years in a consistent manner, you are an objectionable failure undeserving of representing the King or country. I am expressing this directly to you.

This is a no holds barred approach as you have the same approach when you spew your litany of insults upon innocent citizens. Your uncouth, uncivilized, rude, crude, crass conduct is unbecoming of the legendary ‘ adab’ which is unique to our Malay community. I may be an insignificant invisible dot among the citizenry or an unseen shadow of a person in the political landscape of this nation. Yet I have no hesitation in hurling at you from the slingshot of my conscience the smallest pebble of my discontent and defiance against you. Why? Because you are nothing to most of us, and an absolute nobody.

So here I go:

1. You are an overrated and overhyped poisonous person insulated by virtue of position and such you enjoy immunity. With impunity you can cast insults on each and every citizen. You may think of yourself as a patriot or a courageous individual. A person who does this knowing very well that nothing or no action will be taken against them are pathetic cowards. Such cowards will throw opponents in jail when they have no defense against them. The coward will also use other slavish proxies to destroy their opponents. Your venomous morality and dysfunctional incompetent legacy is slowly but surely being dismantled without fear. The most powerful of individuals will never use their power to cast negative aspersions, connotations or innuendoes against the vulnerable minorities in society. You are displaying characteristics of a lowlife, thug and hoodlum.

2. In many advanced nations or societies, you would have been considered a treacherous treasonous traitor especially for project IC and squandering our hard-earned taxes on the bank Negara forex trading, which was out of your scope and league. Your despicable disgusting disloyalty is very evident in this, isn’t it?

3. You are nothing but a small minded toxic petty racist individual. The Government has accorded you a title and termed you as the father of the nation on some exalted illusional false capacity of your delusional abilities. You were deemed to be successful in your era to develop the country as you were surrounded by some brilliant well-intentioned individuals of various ethnicities. Any mediocre fool of a leader in your position could have harnessed the enthusiasm of such explosive energy and succeeded. Who knows, there may have been among the ranks of the hares of individuals those who would have outpaced your tortoise mentality of racism and religious bigotry by a clear mile and taken us well past a finish line by now. We would not be dabbling or squabbling about who was here first or last. Or who is the most entitled, least or little- all are lost due to your squalid statesmanship and morbid leadership. All the issues in the nation would be inconsequential, negligible and absent if you never existed. The best places on earth would have been a pale comparison to our nation without you.

4. Your wheeling and dealing, the never ending theatrical dramatical plotting and diabolical planning against unseen, unknown adversaries or creating adversities out of invisible or nonexistent threats displays the political darkness within your philosophy. Not forgetting the cry, me a river episode! The late Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore was totally right when he expressed the vision of a Malaysian Malaysia. You cannot and will not be able to tie the laces of his sandals, let alone emulate him in any manner whatsoever. Though I disagree with some of what he did, I must own up and admit he was a legend and had far more passion for Singapore. Yours was an embarrassment, where you were the architect embedded in an embroilment of racial controversies, contradictions, conflict, confusion and corruption. Your uncanny contortionist abilities and mental gymnastics are your strengths but a monumental disaster for the nation. It is a gutter mentality from the ghettos that you have introduced in the politics of this nation. There is a gnawing difference between a chump and a champ! Did you ever feel and know that?

5. The indictment of the power hungry manic that resides within you is evident in the number of deputies that you disparaged, discarded and dispatched over a period of time. You are malicious, wicked and willful- only mediocre leaders who are your slaves must rule but under your tyrannical thumb.

6. Your forte of course is the ISO manual you wrote on corruption together with your cohorts. Your personal man management in training and grooming a flood of individuals plagued the country with massive thievery. Your riff raff raging, ranting philosophy of race ensured the rape of a nation’s natural resources.

7. You will have known some of us from quite a while ago. I was one of those bloody perennial little thorns of discomfort who recognized the evil lurking beneath the veneer of respectability and responsibility a long time ago. I have never been mesmerised to stand awestruck in wonder at your so-called delusional brilliant magnetism. You are nothing but a notorious nefarious nightmare of an egoistic, manipulative megalomaniac who walked into the charade of a political parade of a party that has pillaged and plundered from this nation and divided it. You are nothing! You are a vile, repugnant, loathsome, contemptible old man! The very real heroes of this nation are our rubber tappers, farmers, teachers, fishermen and most ordinary individuals, not forgetting our security services who lost their lives defending this nation against external threats. Without hesitation, I am indebted to each one of them. I would call each one of these of various ethnicities my sisters and brothers. You on the other hand have earned nothing- but the contemptuous despise of curses, spittle and spite.

8. I am not enquiring or intervening about yours and your family’s accumulation of massive unexplainable and inexplicable wealth. Though there is an overwhelming unanimous consensus of disbelief that anyone could have earned such wealth legally in the shortest period of time imaginable, through honest means. I concede that with your propensity of natural predatory cunning, stealth and slick shrewd manipulations you did a legal stock market heist on a Nation and earned your keep. It may be shameless, disgraceful, dishonest and disingenuous, but what the heck a few billion here or there is just loose change- nothing to lose sleep over, isn’t it? Yes! The devil’s bounty has its own price-you are the prize for the Devil and whoever your accomplices, beneficiaries or benefactors, they will all be in the inescapable ring of fire. Do you smell the Sulphur?

9. The Malays are lazy! The Chinese are greedy! The Indians are disloyal! And I really think you are a crazy lunatic crackpot. You have the audacity! How dare you? Now I have expressed what you really are. You are neither any one of us, nor are you the sum total of anyone, you think who is like you. You are just a standalone cold heartless and soulless beast. That is what you are! No leader of any nation has insulted its citizens in the manner that you have. A leader like yourself in any other country would have been flayed, whipped and have his very skin peeled off his flesh.

10. Tell us something that you did with the industry of your own hands asides producing useless semen to manufacture offspring who are parasites and bloodsucking leeches. Mark my words. Your so-called legacy will be debated, debunked, defunded, discredited and dismantled. Your quackery, trickery and treasonous thuggery of shenaniganism of your exploits and exploitation will be exposed to be exterminated and extinguished.

You would be considered as favored in memory if there is a dust of favor or mud of affection for who you were. You would be fortunate if upon your name being mentioned, you will be mocked, sneered and urinated upon as a blessing. Your tombstone will be a memorial monument of an eternal reminder that you are the perfect specification that epitomizes the worst of a serial offender in humanity who should be avoided at all cost and never be emulated. Such is the infamy earned. You are the living masterpiece offering a masterclass for the hordes of hell.

You are prostituting yourself in this whoreing act of desperately seeking and searching for partners to screw and topple this existing government- it is doomed to utter dismissal and ignominious failure. In the scheme of life, a prostitute would succeed where you would miserably fail- as your frivolous backstabbing nature would have you looking over your shoulder for signs of disloyalty that you have shown others and expect from others.

The darkest corridors of the heart, mind and soul are your exclusivity. I am of the opinion that the vermin swine of crackpot scumbags, or these nutcase scammers and numbskull of schemers would keep snarling and barking like curs in the wilderness in an unkempt, shabby and shoddy manner as the pull of the moon torments them to be deranged- I hope you are not framed in such a queer manner. Beneath all the exalted position and titles is a ghastly barbaric beastly racist who should have been bashed and trashed by citizens a long time ago.

Our Malaysians however are renowned for good manners and tolerance even if it is a beast-talking down on them. An Australian in the past referred to you rightly as a recalcitrant! He was absolutely right, but many here at that time felt that a demi-God was being slighted. For the longest time you were the steep abyss of darkness, that I stared into what stared back at me was a demon. I believe you have sufficient intelligence to understand and decipher what this means, and reform.

I am not one of your sniveling, groveling lackeys groomed on swooning adulation to adore and worship the ground you walk upon. I throw this gauntlet of a challenge laced with spite and spittle upon you countenance not on malice or bitterness, but on the simple fact that you have insulted our fellow Malaysian citizens one too many times. Take your glib serpentine forked tongue of gibberish hate filled nuisance of nonsensical poppycock out of the theatre of this nation. You are more than a terrible pain in the butt or a horrible itch in our armpits.

Your constipated antiquated racist Hitler ideology needs a purgative or laxative to induce an unstoppable diarrhea, where evil is released. Sewage has more use than you!

You have been defecting, defacing, depriving and denying this nation and its citizens of its dignity in a vengeful, wasteful, deranged and destructive manner – so please Get lost! Get out! You are nothing!

A disloyal pendatang Keling coolie Dominic Damian – an Aliran member, is a poet, music educationist, composer, instrumentalist-vocalist recording spiritual and social songs – and parent of five young lives.

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