The name Pangeran of Johor Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim was again in the spotlight. He is indeed known to be rich. His fortune touches tens of trillions. But, where did Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim’s wealth come from?

Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim is the son of the Sultan of Johor. Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim is also known as the heir to the throne of a small country in Malaysia. Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim’s wealth is recorded to exceed 750 million euros, equivalent to IDR 12.8 trillion.

Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim has a collection of luxury cars – some of which are sport types – up to 300 models. Some of the car collections are Rolls Royce Ghost, Ford GT, Bentley Continental Convertible, Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT, and Mercedes G63 AMG.

In addition, Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim also inherited a replica of The Flintstones’ luxurious house. The house consists of ocean views, a nine-story lighthouse and 17 rooms, including two imperial suites inside.

Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim is the son of Sultan Ibrahim Ibni Sultan Iskandar. He is the oldest of five children. Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim has three children.

Tunku’s father Ismail Sultan Ibrahim owns a Boeing 737 which is worth more than 90 million euros (IDR 1.5 trillion). The golden aircraft has a capacity of 30 seats and is equipped with a kitchen to a lounge.

Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim also has a helicopter. The interior color is made similar to that of his father’s Boeing.Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim and football.

Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim is indeed widely known in the world of football. He served as President of the Malaysian Football Federation (FAM) from 2017 to 2018, before being replaced by Datuk Haji Hamidin Bin Haji Mohd Amin who serves until today.

Sang Pangeran is also known as the owner of the Johor Darul Ta’zim FC (Johor Tigers) football club. Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim also built a stadium with a capacity of 40 thousand spectators at a cost of 200 million euros, equivalent to Rp3.4 trillion.

Acquiring since 2012, Johor Darul Ta’zim is a club that appeared in the Malaysian Super League and had recruited former Valencia playmaker Pablo Aimar. Johor Darul Ta’zim has developed into one of the strengths of Malaysian, even Asian football.

Apart from the wealth of his family, Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim also has good business instincts. Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim is now 36 years old.

At the age of 30 he was listed as a billionaire. Based on the Singapore stock exchange report in September 2014, Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim owns 12.78 percent of shares in Rowsley Ltd, which value reaches Singapore dollars 81.5 million.

In Johor, Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim has two reclamation projects. Under the project, Johor will have an area twice as large as Putrajaya.

The Tanjung Piai reclamation project is projected to cover an area of 1,410 hectares or nearly three times the area of Sentosa Island, Singapore. The project is located two kilometers west of Forest City.

The location is strategic. Between Forest City and Tanjung Piai are the Tanjung Lepas Port, the Tanjung Bin power plant, and the Pulai River which consists of mangrove forests.

Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim formed two joint companies – Spectrum Kukuh Sdn Bhd for Tanjung Piai and Spektrum Budi Sdn Bhd for Pangerang – to carry out the reclamation project. In the two companies Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim owns 21 percent of shares.

It is recorded that the two proclamation projects under Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim are worth 2.5 billion to 3 billion Malaysian ringgit. These projects are an important part of Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim’s wealth to date.

Source : VOI

In the book ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ written by Kevin Kwan, the property that became an inspiration for the writer was Istana Woodneuk situated at the former Tyersall Park, nearby the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

The palace, situated in the world’s most expensive city, is worth USD$3.5bil despite its run down state.

The same place that inspired Kevin in the creation of the fictitious Young family has another interesting fact; a certain Malaysian Royalty owns it, and it’s none other than the 34-year-old Crown Prince of Johor, Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim aka TMJ!

Bloomberg names the property as one of the greatest urban anachronisms in Asia, a place that is certainly out of time bordering million dollar condominiums and an embassy just down the road.

According to Bloomberg, TMJ is the registered owner of the 210,875 square meter plot which lies in the former Tyersall Park.

His ancestors originally built the ruins of Istana Woodneuk in the late 19th century. Having originally owned by Captain John Dill, the Woodneuk House as it was known then was sold to the first modern Sultan of Johor, Sultan Abu Bakar Ibni Tun Temenggung Raja Daing Ibrahim.

The plot was believed to be much larger, but over the years, a part of it was sold to the Singapore government in 1990 for S$25mil, and another 98,000-square-meter land was sold in 2009 for an undisclosed amount.

Despite the hefty price tag of at least $4.7bil as estimated by Alan Cheong, Senior Director at Savills Plc, TMJ won’t be able to cash in anytime soon as the area is zoned for “special use of green space”; meaning that it cannot be used.

Source : Bloomberg

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