According to Finance Twitter , UiTM boasts that it is the largest public university, with 35 campuses throughout all 13 states in Malaysia. Claiming that it offers world class education at the most affordable tuition fees, the university is ranked #555 in the QS World University Rankings 2024. That was an impressive jump of 102 spots. In comparison, University Malaya ranks #65 and University Sains Malaysia ranks #137.

The fact that Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) is ranked #555 compared to Universiti Malaya’s 65 in the world ranking, but is ranked 10th compared to University Malaya’s top spot in the local ranking speaks volumes about the huge gap in quality between both local universities. Still, UiTM is one of a handful university out of 20 public universities that is ranked globally.

However, while UiTM produces about 32% of total graduates every year, it is also one of the biggest contributors of unemployable graduates. Sure, the university can claim that 85% of its graduates received job offers six months after graduation. What they didn’t tell you is that most UiTM-type graduates found employment with either government agencies, GLCs or uniform forces.

True, there are some excellent students, but majority of UiTM graduates have poor grasp of English, not to mention they are generally one-dimensional, non-creative, uncompetitive, judgemental, unable to think out of the box, and more importantly – don’t mix well with other races. In short, they prefer to surround themselves with their own race and would feel insecure when step out of their comfort zone.

This explains why the UiTM went ballistic over a proposal to admit non-Bumiputera students to its Cardiothoracic surgery postgraduate programme. The university, which only admits 100% Bumiputeras (so-called the sons of the soil), has staged a “wear black” protest campaign to prevent UiTM from opening its door – even temporarily – to solve the urgent shortage of specialists and surgeons in the field.

In spite of a recommendation by Dr Raja Amin Raja Mokhtar of UiTM’s medical faculty to resolve an impasse whereby the Malaysian Medical Council has refused to recognise qualifications secured under the health ministry’s parallel pathway programme, UiTM vice-chancellor Prof Dr Shahrin Sahib said the university will not accept any non-Bumiputera trainees.

The reason why UiTM chose to defend its racist and discrimination policy rather than prioritise public health has nothing to do with Act 173, or the UiTM Act, or the Article 153 of the Federal Constitution – used as an excuse prohibiting the admission of non-Malays students – but has everything to do with the university’s inability to compete after 60 decades living in its isolated cocoon.

As a matter of fact, there is nothing within Article 153 of the Federal Constitution that says it is unconstitutional to allow non-Bumiputera to enrol in any of UiTM courses. It is because of despicable and racist politicians like UMNO Youth chief Muhamad Akmal Saleh who plays racial card, twisting and spinning that UiTM belongs to the Bumiputera, and misled narrow-minded and dumb students.

But when Malaysiakini columnist Andrew Sia criticized UiTM as an “Apartheid Academy”, the UMNO instigator felt insulted and demanded an apology. However, the Bumiputera-only university fits perfectly into the definition of Apartheid – racial segregation. How is UiTM not an Apartheid Academy when it sanctions ethnic Chinese and Indian students from studying like any other citizens?

Worse, despite arguing that the institution is a Bumiputera-only university, UiTM has 1,600 international students. So, it is actually worse than apartheid. The apartheid policy, which ended in 1994 in South Africa, was at least practised by the white minority. In Malaysia, the Malay majority, instead of protecting the minorities, has been shamelessly bullying and discriminating non-Malay minority, but excitedly welcome non-Bumiputera foreigners.

Hilariously, scumbag Akmal said – “UiTM is the only education centre catering specifically to the Bumiputera. All other higher learning institutions are open to all races. We have been independent for decades but the sad fact is that Bumiputera are still lagging behind. This is the only place for Bumiputera to change their destiny.” Did he realize that he has just condemned his own party?

Until its humiliating defeats in the May 2018 General Election, the United Malays National Organization (UMNO) had been in power for 61 years since independence in 1957. Whose fault it is that Bumiputera are still lagging behind till today, so much so the Malays or Bumiputeras still can’t compete, or incredibly terrified to compete, with ordinary fellow Chinese and Indian students?

The Malaysian Apartheid policy does not confine to UiTM alone. Even though other universities are open to all races, the minorities have to compete within their own community over the limited places thanks to quota system that prioritises Malays. Has Akmal and his UMNO goons forgotten how even non-Malay primary students at national schools were forced to eat in the toilet during fasting month?

The racist and extremist UMNO-Malays, and other Islamist extremists who are in the same time zone, have been trying to abolish the vernacular schools. But the Chinese schools did not retaliate by imposing the same quota system on Malays who send their children there out of desperation for quality education, leading to overcrowded classrooms due to 100,000 Malay students.

Yet, fanatics have blamed the vernacular schools for racial divide when in reality, it is racist institutions like UiTM that are systematically dividing the race by refusing to integrate with fellow Chinese and Indian students. If it already feels threatened over just seven non-Bumiputera medical officers to do postgraduate at UiTM in cardiothoracic surgery, how could it brag about world class education, let alone improving its world ranking?

Make no mistake. If it’s not because UiTM is the only institution in Malaysia that offers a parallel pathway program in Cardiothoracic surgery in collaboration with the National Heart Institute, no one would give a shit about the university. Fine, let’s assume it is the sanctuary of Malay-Bumiputera and the Apartheid Academy is too privileged to accept “kafir students”.

UMNO leaders and other racist politicians can keep UiTM for all we care. But it should at least have some dignity not to use non-Malay tax money to fund its operation and pay its racist employees. Did the hypocrite vice-chancellor Prof Dr Shahrin Sahib and the gullible Malay students who wear black realize their salary or subsidized school fees are derived from Chinese taxpayers?

Yes, UiTM can offer affordable tuition fees largely because they are heavily subsidized by the government, who in turn get the money from taxes, of which 90% is contributed by the Chinese – as revealed by former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad. Hence, the disgraced Apartheid Academy should get its funding from Zakat and not shamelessly milk money from the minorities’ taxes.

Arguably, even it agrees to open its door, most of non-Bumiputera students, especially the Chinese, would not be interested to study in a super-racist and low-quality university. The minorities’ last hope for budget tertiary education is UTAR (University Tunku Abdul Rahman), which produces highly employable graduates who are widely accepted and recognised by the private sector.

Unlike UiTM, UTAR does not have apartheid policy and welcome students from any race and religion regardless of skin colours. The 60-year indoctrination of UiTM as a Malay-only university was so overwhelming that many young non-Malay students had no idea about its existence. Village champions like Akmal should worry about why UiTM graduates ended as Grab delivery boys instead.

As expected, Higher Education Minister Zambry Abd Kadir, whose UMNO party is bleeding Malay support, quickly sweeps the issue under the carpet, refusing to even discuss it at the Cabinet meetings. The UMNO leader, like UiTM vice-chancellor and ignorant protesters, had no idea that the availability of surgeons could mean the difference between life and death to their families one day.

In the same breath, Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim too was pretending as if nothing had happened. As the pro-Hamas man continues to zero in on Israel’s crime of apartheid against the Palestinians, he hypocritically and conveniently closes both eyes over apartheid against the Chinese and Indians students that Malaysia has been practising for more than half a century.

By weaponising the police to intimidate the columnist, it will only add fuel to the fire, telling the world the existence of the most racist university in the country, or even in the planet. The world can judge on its own, and laugh, as the Anwar-led government scrambles to deny UiTM is an Apartheid Academy despite clear facts that it is indeed a freaking racist institution.

Source : Finance Twitter

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