Meet Michael Tong Wai Siong, a 55-year-old man who has raised three Malay boys as his own children for the past 16 years

Tong’s story was featured on the front page of Harian Metro today, 24 May.

In an interview with the Malay daily, Tong, affectionately known as Uncle Mike, shared how he encountered an orphan boy 16 years ago and took it upon himself to raise him and his two siblings, driven by his desire to provide them with a better life.

He recounted that as an active car club member, he frequently participated in charity events with fellow members. It was during one of these events that he met 12-year-old Rafei Ahmad Fauzi at an orphanage in Gombak, Selangor.

Tong, who was unmarried, said Rafei’s parents died one month apart from each other in the same year.

The orphanage told him that Rafei did not want to go to school. To resolve this, Tong met Rafei’s teachers and discovered that the boy had learning difficulties.

“Therefore, I decided to pick him up every morning and send him to school. After work, my employees picked him up and sent him to the tuition centre before I sent him back to the orphanage dormitory.

“The [constant commuting back and forth] continued for quite some time before it was suggested that Rafei live with me to make it easier for me. [Rafei] also agreed to live with me,” he related.

While Rafei was under his care one day, Tong noticed a note written by the boy.In it, Rafei expressed how he missed his brothers, who had been separated from him and sent to an orphanage in Klang, Selangor.

“Until today, I still remember the note he wrote asking why his mother died early and why he was separated from his brothers. It brought tears to my eyes, prompting me to take him to meet his two siblings,” said Tong.

“Shortly after that, I brought Rasyid and Abdul Rahman home to live with us.

“Since then I have been ‘father’ and ‘mother’ to them. Until now, we are still together,” he said in the sit-down interview.

Tong admitted he was afraid about caring for three children initially, but with encouragement and assistance from his friends, he managed to overcome his fears.

His family fully supported his decision, with his 86-year-old mother, Oh Siew Eng, treating the boys like her grandchildren.

“I know we have different religions but I want them to continue their religious education. So, I asked an ustaz to homeschool them every night,” he shared.

Today, Rafei, Rasyid, and Abdul Rahman are 29, 28, and 24 years old, respectively

Rafei now has two children of his own.

Tong, who is still unmarried, said he never felt that his life was lonely after adopting the three boys, especially now that he has two grandchildren.

He said he is content with life and appreciated the public’s praise after his story was published on Harian Metro.

Tong hopes their story demonstrates how helping others should transcend the boundaries of race and religion, especially when one has the means to improve the lives of others.

“I am not the first person to offer help like this. Malays also assist the Chinese, Indians, and people of other races, and vice versa. This is evidence that we live in harmony despite a few individuals who play on racial issues,” he said when contacted after his story went viral.

To read the Tong’s full story and watch the complete interview, visit Harian Metro.

Menurutnya, dia berharap kisah mereka menunjukkan yang membantu sesama insan tidak perlu melihat daripada bangsa dan agama sebaliknya jika ada kemampuan ia boleh dilakukan untuk memberi kehidupan lebih baik kepada orang lain.

“Saya bukan orang pertama membantu seperti ini dan orang Melayu juga ada membantu orang Cina dan India serta kaum lain dan sebaliknya juga. Ini bukti kita hidup dalam harmoni walaupun masih ada segelintir memainkan isu perkauman.

“Saya sedih melihat isu perkauman dan sebagai rakyat negara yang berbilang kaum kita perlu hidup harmoni dan aman bersama kerana kita semua keluarga,” katanya memberitahu rakan Melayu juga memberi tunjuk ajar ketika dia memulakan perniagaan.

Laporan muka depan Harian Metro hari ini menyiarkan kisah Michael yang menjaga Rafei, Rasyid dan Abdul Rahman sejak 16 tahun lalu yang dihantar ke rumah anak yatim selepas ibu bapa kandung mereka meninggal dunia.

Lelaki Tionghua berkenaan menyayangi tiga pemuda itu seperti anak sendiri biarpun tiada pertalian darah dan tidak saling mengenali sebelum ini, malah keluarganya turut menerima anak angkat dengan baik.

“Saya tahu kami berbeza agama tetapi saya mahu mereka meneruskan pendidikan agama biarpun tinggal bersama, jadi saya minta seorang ustaz mengajar mereka mengaji di rumah setiap malam.

“Saya juga akan masak lauk sahur dan buka puasa untuk mereka, malah kami berpuasa bersama sepanjang Ramadan.

“Saya buat begitu sejak mereka kecil untuk beri sokongan kepada mereka agar berpuasa penuh. Di rumah juga, saya jaga sensitiviti agama Islam terutama makanan dan minuman,” katanya.

Source : Harian Metro

Source : Harian Metro

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