I feel very sorry for my old friend Dato Sri Chua Chee Kuan regarding the recent socks incident. KK is a very shrewd and cautious businessman.

He definitely knows his position and customer base, so the socks incident was definitely an unintentional mistake, because no one would mess up for themselves! Each KK branch has at least 4,000 SKUs, and it is impossible to inspect every product one by one, not to mention that products from China are often unexpected and inconsistent, because foreign languages ​​are just punctuation marks for Chinese people, and Allah and Amin look the same and there is no difference!

However, due to negligence, for 14 pairs of socks that have not been sold, KK, who has been shrewd all his life, actually capsized in the gutter and suffered an unjust accusation, and he has no way to defend himself! KK has a high political EQ, and many ministers and senior officials in the unity government are very close to him, so when the incident happened, I always thought that with his versatile skills, he should be able to calm down the storm quickly.

I didn’t expect that religion cannot be judged by secular logical thinking. Under the instigation of those with ulterior motives, this spark not only set the prairie on fire, but also became as powerful as a nuclear missile! Many people may find it strange that, so far, apart from MCA’s Wee Ka Siong, DAP’s Nga Kor Ming and other second-tier leaders who have expressed support for Tsai Chee Kuan, other leaders have remained silent, including DAP boss Lok Siew Fook.

Are they all afraid of things and would rather be a coward? But I am very sure that many people are quietly mediating and offering advice to him behind the scenes! As expected, I just saw DAP boss begin to express the DAP’s position on this matter at the press conference. Lok Siew Fook also revealed that KK had met with JAKIM officials yesterday to explain the ins and outs of the matter.

As of press time, Jakim has also issued a statement, hoping that this will help him. KK is the most strategically deployed, tactful and combative business person among the business friends I know! He is a person who becomes more tenacious the bigger the challenge, and never gives up until he achieves his goal. This is also what I admire about him very much. Although many people criticize him for being scheming, I think it is a matter of opinion. Everyone has different ways of doing business and different personalities. There is no right or wrong. The difficulty of the challenge he faced this time was definitely a hurdle that he could not overcome in a minute. Not only him, but anyone who encountered such an emergency would be caught off guard. You can imagine how much pressure he was under!

KK and I have worked together in societies and associations for many years. Although we have different views on many things, we can still appreciate each other. His contributions to societies, Chinese communities, and charity are obvious to all and cannot be questioned! He is also a staunch supporter of the unity government.

I remember that I retired from the Retail Chain Association due to illness two years ago. Later, he knew that my condition had improved and often encouraged me to do it again. He said: These five years are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The association has made great achievements in cooperating with the current government! I have the idea of ​​making a comeback, and his “advice” has played a big role. KK is a workaholic, and friends who are familiar with him know it very well. If he socializes until the early morning at night, he will go to work early the next morning, and he has been doing it for decades.

The results of 23 years of hard work, the sweat and tears behind it, are too numerous to mention! KK’s tireless spirit of struggle for life is actually a microcosm of most Chinese businessmen, and the problem he faces today is definitely not the only one, but one of them! It will happen to any of our Chinese compatriots at any minute, but the scene may be different! Our Chinese community has always naively believed that the change of the unity government is transitional justice, and finally the clouds will clear and the moon will be seen. No one expected that extreme racism is everywhere, no matter who is in power.

This time, the socks incident was definitely an unintentional mistake of KK employees. Now it has been escalated and incited by politicians, and even threatened to boycott until all KK branches are closed! As descendants of Chinese, we cannot let our Chinese compatriots be bullied and humiliated because of 14 pairs of socks that have never been worn!

As the founder, KK endured the humiliation and bowed several times to apologize, but the head of the UMNO Youth, Akmal, forced others to do it, did not compromise at all, and continued to incite the public’s boycott sentiment. Will can be killed but not humiliated! We cannot let such evil people succeed!

I hereby call on everyone to share this article and support Dato Sri Chua Chee Kuan, the founder of KK Super Mart.

We must not let his 23 years of hard work and 881 branches go to waste because of a politician’s words! Support is not to confront the government, not to create racial confrontation, not to challenge the head of state’s decree, but to demand that Malaysia return to a fair and reasonable society! The charm and beauty of Malaysia are all due to the mutual courtesy of all ethnic groups and seeking common ground while reserving differences! The people of all ethnic groups in Malaysia have always been simple, honest and friendly since the founding of the country.

Forget and forgive is our common belief, and we should continue to maintain this beautiful tradition. Don’t let a small group of opportunistic politicians destroy national construction! Please move your fingers and share this article!

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