Such was the case in Chengdu, a city in Sichuan province, China where a dishwashing lady was spotted being dropped off at the restaurant she worked at in a Bentley.

Footage of the unassuming woman, clad in a striped pink shirt, rubber boots and an apron getting out of a black Bentley has circulated on Chinese social media site Weibo.

The video’s caption joked that the owner of the restaurant must have been the poorest worker there.

The caption read: “What [the woman] lacks isn’t money, but things to do.”

According to Chinese media Oriental Daily and China Times, the woman is secretly very wealthy, but chooses to wash dishes at the restaurant to pass time.

The owner of the restaurant the lady works at has also said that the woman’s family is actually well-to-do.

However, the woman admitted that her intention of working at a restaurant was not to make money, but to pass time.

“It is very boring at home, and I feel uncomfortable if I don’t wash dishes for a day,” the woman admitted.

It was revealed that the person driving the Bentley was actually the woman’s daughter.

According to Oriental Daily, the woman’s daughter could not stop her mother from carrying out her wishes to “experience life”, but she supported her mother by diligently sending her to and picking her up from the restaurant everyday.

“This is what rich people do”

Many commenters applauded the woman for her diligent spirit, and wished her good health to keep on working and doing what she loves.

Others shared similar stories of well-to-do family members working despite having enough money to live comfortably, as they felt unnatural not working and sitting at home all day.

Source : Mothership

Source : Oriental Daily

Source : China Times

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