The Uyghur Issue: Is it Genuine or U.S./Israel Propaganda?

It has been almost two weeks, and the conflict between Palestine and Israel has become more tense. Israel dropped 6,000 bombs in a span of six days on a tiny strip of land with one of the highest population densities. And worse, half of the Gaza population is made up of children. And frankly speaking, it is already not a conflict. It is already a genocide action by Israel.

In the first seven days of genocide in Gaza, Israel has bombed hospitals, schools, ambulances, Lebanon, Syria, media facilities, 1300 civilian buildings, and civilian convoys. Israel killed a lot of medical rescuers, journalists, and 2200 residents. Israel has cut water, electricity, internet, fuel supply, and all humanitarian deliveries. How can we call this a conflict if one side has all the upper hand and is backed by most of the country, even though they broke many international laws, such as bombing hospitals? Luckily, people around the world demo for Palestine.

There are rallies in Barcelona, Berlin, South Korea, the UK, Malaysia, and many more countries that aim to voice out this unfair conflict and open the people’s eyes to the fact that Israel is committing genocide. However, there is something weird about people who are not expected to support Palestine, such as those in Berlin, Barcelona, and the UK. There is a group of people who do not support Palestine and support Israel, the Uyghurs. How can it be weird? Uyghur claimed that they were also victims of genocide by China.

So, it should be that they empathised more with Palestine, but they do not. Recently, there have been a tremendous number of posts on X social media stating that the Uyghur people support Israel. Even the World Uyghur Congress (WUC) and the Uyghur Human Rights Project (UHRP) have already made statements that they support Israel.

“The World Uyghur Congress strongly condemns the horrific attacks by Hamas against Israeli civilians and is deeply concerned about the prospect of escalation of conflict and further loss of lives. We stand in solidarity with all those suffering from terror and war, and we keep all those impacted by violence in our prayers. From the statement itself, they firmly believe that Hamas is a terrorist. Now the question arises: why do they support Israel?

The United States has been at the forefront of condemning China’s actions in Xinjiang. Sanctions and strong rhetoric have characterised U.S. policy. Critics argue that the U.S. is leveraging the Uyghur issue as a tool to advance its own interests in its complex relationship with China. The U.S.-China rivalry plays a substantial role in the narrative surrounding the Uyghur issue.

The use of human rights as a weapon in international relations is not a new phenomenon, and the Uyghur situation has further complicated the relationship between the two superpowers. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”. This ancient proverb is a good conclusion for us to give to the Uyghur-support-Israel situation. And Israel is one of the US’s closest allies.

The US is one of the biggest war welfare donors to Israel. OR All the Uyghur issues are just part of the US propaganda to make China look bad. No one has the answer. But certainly, we can say that the support given by Uyghur is not a good action. Many people who helped them have already shown their support for Palestine.

For example, the Global Peace Mission and Malaysia ABIM have helped Uyghur a lot in terms of food, life necessities, and medical equipment. It is a backstab situation. We cannot tolerate this behaviour. In conclusion, the Uyghur need to be aware that what happened to them in Palestine was worse. If they want people to support them, They also need to support Palestine and oppose genocide action by Israel.

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