The move by DAP to eliminate MCA from Malaysian politics will not bring any benefit to the community other than helping DAP’s ambition to be part of the Federal Government, said MCA publicity spokesman Ti Lian Ker. He said after years of contributions to this nation building, community services and playing a moderate role in national politics, DAP is now proposing to eliminate MCA. “If DAP is responsible, they must account to the community their real intentions of wanting to eliminate MCA.

”DAP’s sole interest is to take ownership of the Chinese political representation. They desperately want to be part of the federal government,” Ti said in a statement.

He said comparing apple to apple, MCA have served the Chinese community much more effectively than DAP despite DAP commanding a bigger number of representatives and support. He pointed out that despite DAP’s high vocal cords on political rhetoric and attacking MCA as allegedly weak, DAP has nothing much to show in terms of delivery. He said DAP in its two terms of governing Penang has brought more hardship to the poor, high end property development and corruption. In the name of democracy, DAP should not be talking of elimination of competition and choice. By allowing competition and choice, there will be improvement.

Why deprive the community of a choice to choose a better party to represent their interest by going for the kill?” Ti said.

He added that there are no holds barred for DAP when it comes to selling out their principles, making U-turns and sucking up to any Malay political personalities who can assist thems their political ambitions. The Vice President said DAP was the fiercest critics of Tun Mahathir Mohamad when he was Prime Minister for 22 years. Ti said today they have made U-turns and swallowed their pride by embracing and promoting Mahathir as their future Prime Minister despite attacking him viciously and vociferously for decades. He added that they have even given up their Rocket logo in an attempt to win Malay votes.

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