By S. Wahid

It was a wild weekend over here in TwitterJaya. In recent weeks, our fellow Kedahans were left bemused at the antics of multiple online supporters of Perikatan Nasional (PN) and Pakatan Harapan (PH). Much like children, they were trading barbs about petty and insignificant musings; such as the appropriate colour to be worn in the presence of the Kedah Sultan, multiple postings on PMX’s attire with naughty comments from his ‘sampin’ up to his choice of sandals, with a hefty side debate on who had allegedly paid the guests to attend in droves. 

Amusingly, there were even fierce exchanges on Twitter over the exact number of audience attended the Madani open house in Alor Setar, Kedah last weekend. Many claimed it was less than 10,000, whilst multiple PH- friendly media chalked it up to over 25,000 guests. Some even questioned who had funded the whole programme. It had become a barometer of support; more akin to early polls on who would be able to win more votes in the upcoming yet much daunting Pilihan Raya Negeri (PRN), happening in six states in a little less than 2 months.

What’s even more peculiar, if one decided to scroll Yang Berhormat Menteri or The Right Honorable Minister of Communication and Multimedia, Fahmi Fadzil dabbling into the debate and multiple other skirmishes by ‘threatening’ to report offensive anonymous account which went as far as fabricating news and recreating Siti Nurhaliza’s statement. Malaysian No.1 singer had to even clarify the matter publicly! Such a ludicrous turn of events, by an elected representative and a Minister.

We are at a loss to explain Fahmi’s capricious and erratic behaviour. A further commentary might attract more ‘threats’ from his Twitter account but one must wonder what has the rakyat done to deserve him as their Minister. Perhaps Fahmi should’ve just remained as the Minister in Charge of Comms in TwitterJaya. Previous MCMC Ministers such as Gobind and Saifuddin had no problem continuing a proven, impactful policy from previous PM Najib’s pledge to reduce the cost of broadband and double the speed – enabling internet access and connectivity to all Malaysians regardless of their constituents.

Former MCMC Minister Annuar Musa had even launched Jendela- a government-funded programme aimed to bridge the gap in internet speed in rural areas. Internet access remained a challenge to rural folks who have been clearly abandoned by Telco giants migrating from 3G to 4G. A previous deputy minister of MCMC from Perlis had even gotten into an arguement with a Sabahan student over the legitimacy of her complaints – yet all she wanted was basic internet access for her to attend her online classes! 

The fact remains that our Telcos have failed miserably – the Government had trusted the private sector to lead the previous development plans for 3G and 4Gunder the banner of pro-business competition which was supposed to lead to efficiency; this fact has remained as elusive as Fahmi Fadzil’s credibility upon taking the Ministerial job. 

It has been months since Fahmi has taken the top post, and yet things are not looking any better by the day. Nevertheless, Fahmi could still salvage this by doing what is right as the Minister-in-Charge of Communications; staying out of business; and allowing or even better, supporting Digital Nasional Berhad to deliver their mandate expediently and make a clear statement to the public that he is going to appoint a new CEO from accomplished, local talents to ensure that Malaysia’s 5G aspirations would be realised. Zaki Zahid, the current Deputy CEO has a solid track record and experience to deliver, and with Fahmi’s continued support, DNB shall be on its track to drive the nation to be this region’s number 1 5G Service.

If not now, what’s eating Fahmi Fadzil?

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