Malaysian live streamer Wong Mama who often showcases her harmonious and loving family on her live broadcasts has recently been exposed for allegedly bullying her daughter-in-law.

Her daughter-in-law, Jolynn Luah shared in a Facebook live that she not only forced her daughter-in-law to wash her underwear but also expelled her from the house.

Earlier this month, the mom, aka the mother-in-law, had been doing a live stream when the topic came up. She offhandedly mentioned that as she was busy with streaming, she had no time to wash her own underwear. However, things took a different turn when she complained that her daughter-in-law had not volunteered to help her wash her underwear.

Her youngest daughter overheard the complaint and decided to be helpful. She then ended up asking her sister-in-law to help wash the underwear. Needless to say, it left the woman aggrieved as she wondered why she had been tasked with washing her mother-in-law’s underwear. Still, she did as asked. However, she later brought up the issue to her husband, hoping he would help resolve the issue.

To her horror, they only ended up arguing about the issue. Eventually, the rest of the family got involved, with most of them staunchly against her. They even told her to get out of the house before claiming they would sue her.

M’sian woman calls out daughter-in-law in live stream

During the two months that her daughter-in-law was kicked out, Mama Wong frequently made passive-aggressive comments on her live broadcasts. When netizens asked for more details, she told them to ask her daughter-in-law themselves.

During this time, the daughter-in-law received many private messages from netizens asking what had happened.

The daughter-in-law then took to Facebook to explain that she was kicked out because of a bucket of underwear.

“One day, I saw a bucket of underwear next to the washing machine that hadn’t been washed and asked Mama Wong where the underwear came from.”

Insinuated her daughter-in-law to wash her panties

Mama Wong, the owner of the underwear, said that she was too busy with her live broadcasts and insinuated that her daughter-in-law should have known to wash them.

The daughter-in-law was unhappy and went upstairs. After a while, she received a message from Mama Wong’s daughter asking her to help wash the underwear.

Although she was angry about not being respected, the daughter-in-law eventually washed Mama Wong’s underwear.

Not long after, Mama Wong and her family pointed their fingers at Jolynn and scolded her because of this incident, and then kicked her out of the house.

After being kicked out, the daughter-in-law went to her mother’s house for two months, but no one came to ask her to come back.

Mama Wong shares her side of the story

On the flip side, Mama Wong also took to her Facebook to share her side of the story.

She stated that her relationship with her daughter-in-law is excellent and that she treats her as if she were her own daughter.

In a separate post, Mama Wong also shared that she has clarified the matter with her daughter-in-law.

“We have clarified and apologized. We hope everyone can let go of the matter and move on. We will take a break for a period of time and temporarily stop broadcasting. We will also no longer make any further responses. Thank you everyone.”

Shortly afterwards, her mother-in-law uploaded a photo of a car splashed with red paint. She allegedly claimed in the Facebook post that her safety was being threatened. However, she later deleted the post. This led to some netizens wondering if she had staged the photo herself.

The drama only ended on 9th March after the mother-in-law did a final broadcast to defend herself. While in tears, she claimed she loved her daughter-in-law very much and was only treating her like her own daughter, but had not expected to be labelled as a “bad mother-in-law”. She finally apologised to her daughter-in-law by kneeling during the broadcast. She later added she would be keeping mum on the matter in the future.

Most netizens sided with the daughter-in-law claiming the mother-in-law’s request was strange. Several pointed out that their own family members had never made such a request of them. However, a few simply marvelled at how they literally aired their dirty laundry.

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