Muhyiddin was cleverer than Najib and Wan Saiful, of course. He only accepts cash as that’s the only way to avoid money trail – and easy to hide. Having learned from Najib’s foolishness of stashing cash and jewelleries in his children’s posh apartments, Muhyiddin might have hidden hundreds of millions of Ringgit in a house rented by third parties for the purpose of stashing the ill-gotten money.

Here’s the proof – former UMNO warlord Annuar Musa proudly told all and sundry in TikTok how Muhyiddin gave him tens of millions during the 2020 Sabah state election. Annuar said – “I flew to Sabah and met Muhyiddin myself. I entered his bedroom and told him UMNO didn’t have enough money and lacked funds. Muhyiddin gave tens of millions to help UMNO when in Sabah.”

If former backdoor PM Muhyiddin could easily give away tens of millions of Ringgit as if the money was loose change, it means there were hundreds of millions more in his bedroom. Annuar thought he was smart when he tried to defend his former boss as a generous man trying to help his party UMNO. He didn’t realize his dumb revelation will eventually haunt Muhyiddin.

In Dec 2022, the MACC recorded testimonies of 5 people, including Annuar in connection with the free flow of money dished out by Muhyiddin. While it’s harder to implicate the former prime minister, it does not mean it’s totally impossible to incriminate him. If the contractor reveals everything, and Wan Saiful agrees to cooperate in exchange for leniency, Muhyiddin is toast.

That’s why opposition Perikatan Nasional chairman Muhyiddin, along with top guns like Bersatu secretary-general Hamzah Zainuddin had turned up outside the Session Court where Wan Saiful was charged this week (Feb 21). It might look like a demonstration of strong support for him, but in reality, the big crooks were extremely afraid the small fry will expose everything

In the same breath, Annuar Musa could be next to be charged in the Kuala Lumpur Tower scandal involving the suspicious sale of the KL Tower concession by Telekom Malaysia Bhd (TM) to a company that was facing bankruptcy. The tower is owned by the Malaysian government, while operations and maintenance of the tower were granted to Telekom in 1996.

Through TM’s subsidiary Menara KL Sdn Bhd, the concession and management rights of Menara KL brought in a cool RM20.9 million “net profit” in 2019 for Telekom Malaysia. A year earlier (2018), Menara KL, also known as KL Tower, generated a net profit of RM25.6 million. Strangely, Telekom had on Oct 31 disposed its 100% interest in Menara KL for merely RM3.8 million.

Worse, the valuable asset was sold to a financially troubled company called Hydroshoppe Sdn Bhd – owned by Abdul Hamid Shaikh bin Abdul Razak Shaikh and Nazarina binti Mohamed Nasir, with 500,000 shares each. Despite the unfamiliar names, sources have claimed that 42-year-old Nazarina is “girlfriend or mistress” of former Communications and Multimedia Minister Annuar Musa.

Suspiciously, the ownership of KL Tower was quietly transferred to Shah Alam-based Hydroshoppe on October 31, 2022, just days after then-PM Ismail Sabri dissolved the Parliament on Oct 10, paving the way for the 15th General Election – suggesting that it was done hastily by powerful minister(s) in anticipation of a loss by Muhyiddin’s fragile Perikatan Nasional coalition.

At best, some corrupt TM top guns were bribed not to renew its concession, allowing the ownership of KL Tower to be transferred to Hydroshoppe. At worst, Annuar and powerful crooks linked to Muhyiddin had abused their power by forcefully stripped KL Tower from TM and awarded the cash cow to Hydroshoppe, a company involved in cosmetic products instead of property management.

Like the arrest of middleman Adam Radlan, the MACC has also arrested two individuals believed to be the middlemen who managed the bribery in the KL Tower scandal, as well as the managing director of Hydroshoppe. The MACC has completed its investigations and has submitted the investigation paper to the Attorney General. But Annuar’s involvement might not be limited to KL Tower alone.

MACC Chief Commissioner Azam Baki had hinted that more people would be charged in the Jana Wibawa programme scandal, including top leaders like Muhyiddin. Now, if even small fry like Wan Saiful had both his hands in the cookie jar, it would not be a surprise if Annuar Musa too has his share. After all, he is the biggest cheerleader of Muhyiddin.

Source : Finance Twitter

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